AI Powered Recruiting Firm, Jobot, Refuses to Do Lay Offs and Hits $100 Million Amid Pandemic

Despite Global Pandemic, Jobot Refused to Do Lay Offs and instead grew from over 100 experienced recruiters to over 300. Jobot Placed over 5,000 People in New, Upgraded Jobs

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#COVID19–Jobot launched less than three years ago and just hit its first $100 million in revenue. Instead of laying off during the pandemic, they focused on improving technology, supporting their employees and growth.

“During the pandemic, many recruiting and staffing firms were laying off recruiters. At Jobot, we don’t believe in layoffs. We stand behind everyone at Jobot and know that the industry is cyclical and there is always a home at Jobot for those willing to put in their best efforts to build something remarkable,” says Heidi Golledge, Founder and CEO of Jobot.

The AI powered staffing and recruiting firm helped put more than 5,000 people in new jobs across the nation. In addition to helping grow the job economy, The Jobot Get a Job, Give a Job Foundation™ has raised over $200,000 to promote education and help others find better jobs.

“When we launched Jobot nearly three years ago, our goal was to combine the latest AI matching technology with some of the best recruiters in the industry. We are grateful to our partners, clients and candidates for believing in our vision and trusting us with their hiring and careers. We are excited to celebrate hitting $100 million in revenue, but the real achievement is placing over five thousand people in new jobs that they love,” continues Golledge.

The Jobot Family continues to grow and now has over 360 partners, all working together to build a one-of-a-kind culture, technology and service built on kindness and respect.

Golledge continues:

“The road to $100 million was paved by the hard work, innovation and grit of each of our Jobot Family members.

“As we look back at the last 3 years, some of the important milestones that helped the company reach its first $100 million included:

  • The launch of JAX, Jobot Automated Experience, Jobot’s custom built proprietary software that combines an integrated applicant tracking system with Google artificial intelligence.
  • When the world went virtual in 2020, Jobot made a quick pivot, gifting 50 laptops to the Jobot Family and helping everyone get the most out of working remotely.
  • To ensure the Jobot culture remained strong, Jobot hand-delivered more than 5,000 Closers Boxes – monthly themed gift baskets to Jobot family members across the United States.
  • Jobot Pros (recruiters) made nearly 1 million phone calls to clients and candidates to help them find a good match in a tough time.
  • Jobot established a minimum living wage for all contractors of $25 an hour.
  • The Jobot Get a Job, Give a Foundation™ raised $230,000 to help folks leverage education to get a better job.

“At Jobot, we believe Fortune Favors the Bold. We are grateful for every single person who believed in us and the idea that a recruiting firm built on kindness and respect with AI technology can create positive change. It’s Good Times,” says Golledge.

Jobot finds jobs in just about every industry for folks who make $25 an hour and up – including Software, Hardware, Construction, Healthcare, Accounting, Finance, Manufacturing, Engineering, IT and more.

Heidi Golledge is a winner of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award for two companies and exited a previous company for over $100 million. Golledge has been featured in many publications such as Forbes, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and Business Insider for her expertise in building and leading successful companies as well as creating positive work cultures and innovative technology.

About Jobot

Jobot blends their proprietary AI technology, Jax™, and experienced recruiters, Jobot Pros, to create the first-of-its-kind job matching engine. This unique blend of technology and recruiting expertise makes recruiting top talent and building a positive work culture within reach.

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