Albert Boufarah of SAMR Inc. Highlights the Company’s Official Blog

The founder and CEO of SAMR Inc. wishes to promote awareness of the New Jersey-based company’s online journal, from which it releases all manner of useful knowledge and helpful tips pertaining to the proper recycling of electronic and otherwise harmful waste.

LAKEWOOD, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / September 9, 2021 / It is with much enthusiasm that Albert Boufarah, founder and CEO of New Jersey-based electronic waste & computer recycling specialist SAMR Inc., wishes to call attention to the existence of the company’s official blog. The blog, which can be found here, is hosted by a well-known online platform, and deals primarily with the subject of electronic waste (e-waste), other kinds of hazardous waste, and the proper handling & recycling of such items.

The most recent installment of the blog, entitled Albert Boufarah on Lithium-ion Batteries: Their Place in the World of Electronic Waste, is structured in the style of a question-and-answer document. It consists of a detailed breakdown of the characteristics of lithium-ion batteries, why they are unsuitable to simply throw away as ordinary trash, and why they are, in fact, much more akin to e-waste. In one important passage of the blog entry, by means of responding to a question asking what sorts of devices typically feature lithium-ion batteries, Albert Boufarah writes, “Electronic devices such as tablets, laptops, cameras and smartphones are commonly powered by Lithium-ion batteries,” adding, “As of late, li-ion batteries are implemented as a means to replace domestic appliances which are mains-driven: items that range from gardening equipment to vacuum cleaners.” Albert then goes on to urge caution when handling lithium-ion batteries, as they contain a flammable electrolyte which can result in fires or explosions if heated, punctured, or damaged. He concludes the blog entry by recommending that people properly discard any used lithium-ion batteries through companies that are fully-licensed to recycle or otherwise dispose of harmful materials, such as SAMR Inc.

However, that is only the latest installment. In earlier blog posts, Albert Boufarah tackles topics ranging from how to devise an effective overall recycling strategy to tips for companies who wish to significantly reduce their carbon footprint through proper waste disposal. In one such entry, Albert spells out why a thorough and conscientious recycling strategy benefits not only the environment, but the economy as well. “Electronic waste should always be recycled. New recycling methods are able to recover valuable materials from these devices. When you recycle your e-waste, you will reduce your carbon footprint. Recycling materials like metal, plastic, and glass represents a smaller use of fossil fuels and other precious raw materials,” he writes, elaborating, “Metals are of particular concern in the tech recycling market. Valuable metals like gold, copper, and palladium are used in the manufacturing of electronic products like computers and cell phones. When these materials are separated out of the general recycling stream, they can easily be reused in new products.”

The blog is updated with original content on a regular basis. Anyone interested to learn more about SAMR Inc is encouraged to visit the company’s official website.

About SAMR Inc:

SAMR Inc is one of the world’s premier electronics recycling companies. It provides solutions for businesses, schools, hospitals, towns, and government entities looking to dispose of e-waste. The professional services that SAMR Inc offers range from electronics recycling and disposal to secure data destruction to information technology asset management. With more than 20 years of experience and a state-of-the-art recycling facility located on premises, SAMR Inc is one of only a handful of companies that can legally collect, disassemble, and safely recycle computers and computer components. SAMR Inc is headquartered in Lakewood, New Jersey, but services almost the entirety of the United States.

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Albert Boufarah
Founder and CEO, SAMR Inc.
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