Aqara Partners with Leading Operator Maxis to Accelerate Smart Home Adoption in Malaysia

New York, NY, Sept 28, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Aqara, one of the larger provider of smart home products and solutions, announced its partnership with Maxis, the leading Malaysian telecom service provider. The two companies join force to introduce the latest smart home technologies and solutions to millions of Maxis customers. A comprehensive suite of Aqara products has been made available for Maxis customers, starting from 15th September 2021. Dozens of Maxis stores, where Aqara products are showcased and sold, also provide Malaysian consumers the opportunity to experience the cutting-edge smart home technologies in person.

Maxis is the leading converged solutions provider in Malaysia providing a variety of high quality digital services encompassing voice, data, and solutions. Maxis offers an enriched lifestyle to its customers with innovative device ownership options, converged services and digital lifestyle solutions. As smart home technologies becoming increasingly popular among Malaysia consumers, the partnership between Maxis and Aqara is expected to bring Maxis customers a connected and digital lifestyle. Aqara is Maxis’ first partner in the smart home segment.

The partnership introduces an entry-level smart home solution, the Aqara Starter Kit, to Maxis customers. The bundle includes one G2H Camera Hub, one Door & Window Sensor, one Motion Sensor, as well as two LED Light Bulbs. With the Starter Kit, users could create a subscription-free, DIY home security system, or create home automations such as turning lights on when human motion is detected in the room.

Other than the bundle package, Aqara product can also be purchased separately on Maxis, such as the M2 Hub, the Smart Door Lock N100 (Zigbee Edition), the LED Light Bulb, the Motion Sensor, the Vibration Sensor, the Wireless Mini Switch and etc. Maxis also offers “Zerolution” to their customer for Aqara purchases in their centre.

The partnership was coordinated by the local distributor Bellicose (M) Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. Bellicose was the first authorized distributor of Aqara in Malaysia since 2019 to distribute the Aqara products in Malaysia and provide the after sales support and solution for customers.

About Maxis

Maxis is the leading converged solutions provider in Malaysia providing a variety of high-quality digital services encompassing voice, data, and solutions. We are passionate about bringing together the best of technology to help people, businesses, and the nation to Always Be Ahead in an evolving world.

As digitalisation is changing the way we communicate and access services such as commerce, banking, and entertainment, we at Maxis, continue to innovate our products and services leveraging from our leading mobile offerings.

Not only are we motivated to ensure our products are consumer-relevant and are of high quality, we are committed to deliver the best experience to our customers through a single point-of-contact. Through our range of worry-free, flexible and personalised mobile and fixed connectivity as well as solutions, we are empowering our consumers to adapt and navigate their lifestyles in an increasingly digital world.

About Bellicose

BELLICOSE (M) SDN BHD, was incorporated on 14 July 2008 in Malaysia. Initially, main business operation are focus on telecommunication and distribution for telecommunication equipment, service, etc.

In 2019, we move toward smart home products which we obtained “Aqara” brand. We also secure the sole distributor for “Meross” and SmartMi brand in 2021.

We committed to deliver the best Smart Home Solution to Malaysia Market.

About Aqara

Founded in 2016, Aqara is a leading smart home provider with offices in New York and Shenzhen. The Company provides comprehensive smart home products and solutions that are beautifully designed, long-lasting, and easy to use. Products range from a variety of smart sensors to switches, curtain controllers, and smart door locks. Over the last few years, Aqara has opened more than 600 Aqara stores to provide more personalized smart home solutions for individual households and businesses.

Aqara currently serves more than 2 million customers worldwide, with distribution partners in the United States, EU, Russia, Southeast Asia, Korea, and China. The Company also offers one of the most comprehensive suite of HomeKit compatible smart home solutions in the market, and its products can also be found in Apple Stores across Europe and Asia. As the Company continues to expand its global footprint, Aqara hopes to bring more accessible, smart home technology to households around the world.

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