Arkose Signs Business Development Agreement with Native American Capital

KATY, TX / ACCESSWIRE / September 2, 2021 / Arkose Energy Corp. attended the Reservation Economic Summit for The National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development on July 19-21, 2021. The National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (“NCAIED”) is moving forward with resiliency and reinvention for Native American enterprises. The event features tribal leaders, members of Congress, federal agency representatives, state and local officials and top CEO’s on a national platform. Arkose is committed to assisting in the development of transitional use of energy and working with tribes to find economic benefit in responsible ways to develop energy assets.

Arkose entered into a Business Development Agreement to pursue its objective with Native American Capital, LLC (“NAC”), a Native American-owned consultancy located in the Washington DC Metro Area. NAC serves a wide range of Native American Country clients – tribes, Native American-owned businesses, businesses seeking partnerships with tribes, and investors seeking to capitalize Native American-owned enterprises. NAC specializes in enterprise-level financing that brings the full range of financing strategies and structures into a bundle of services called the ‘Tribal Finance Toolkit.’ This toolkit highlights the special financing opportunities available to Native American tribes as they exercise their sovereign nation status. NAC is led by a management team with career experience in equity and debt finance, structured financing, government, business, and strategic consulting, and business/economic development.

Dr. Gavin Clarkson, NAC Managing Director explains, “This agreement is very timely. Many energy-based revenue streams are moving away from fossil-based electricity production and need to be replaced. In addition, tribes are very interested in responsible ways to manage fossil fuel assets. So, the unique approaches that Arkose brings to the table can help achieve multiple goals, particularly capturing otherwise flared natural gas on tribal lands and converting it into digital assets. Similar possibilities exist for other tribal energy resources. We are very excited to be working with Arkose on this development.”

Bo Ritz, President of Arkose Energy Corp., states further that the company has good possibilities with several tribes for potential collaboration. “Tribal nations are well-suited partners for our interests as a company. The philosophy that we use energy in-place with as little environmental impact as possible is an important point of the Arkose business plan. Energy must be produced. As production managers, we must be profitable and at the same time responsible and efficient.”

About Arkose Energy, Corp.
Arkose Energy Corp. has historically specialized in the production of oil and gas, with the acquisition and development of oil and gas properties primarily in the southern United States. Arkose now focuses on the intersection between energy production and cryptocurrency mining. The company is based in Katy, Texas.

Forward Looking Statements

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