At-Memory Computing to be Showcased at the Upcoming AI Hardware Summit 2021

Untether AI presents: AI is Consuming Software – and All the Power on the Planet; How At-Memory Computation Will Solve the Impending AI Energy Crisis

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AIUntether AI is pleased to present at the upcoming AI Hardware Summit hosted by Kisaco Research, September 13 – 15, 2021. The company will highlight its groundbreaking at-memory compute architecture for neural net inference that eliminates the data-movement bottleneck that costs energy and hampers performance in traditional architectures.

Traditional processor architectures are failing to keep up with the exploding compute demands of AI workloads. They are limited by the power-hungry weight-fetch of von Neumann architectures and limitations of transistor and frequency scaling. At-memory computation places compute elements directly next to the memory array, providing reduced power consumption and increased throughput due to the massive parallelism and memory bandwidth provided by the architecture. The efficiency of at-memory computation provides unrivaled compute density for a variety of AI workloads, including vision, natural language processing, and recommendation engines. This presentation will show how at-memory compute reduces energy consumption, increases throughput, and reduces total cost.

The AI Hardware Summit continues to help those who are accelerating AI workloads in the cloud and at the edge, and this year’s event is all about system-level AI acceleration. As machine learning models continue to grow in size and complexity, and more and more models enter production in enterprises worldwide, the way the industry is changing how it accelerates these workloads. At the front end, data-centricity is taking precedence over model-centricity. At the back end, AI practitioners want systems that are performant and efficient, but also sustainable, explainable, and accountable. From massive research models like GPT-3, to day-to-day models deployed by enterprises around the world, we are lifting the hood on how to make AI fast, efficient, and affordable.


AI Hardware Summit 2021



September 13: Virtual Day


September 14-15: In-Person Summit



In Person event: Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA 



Untether AI, Robert (Bob) Beachler, VP of Product


Virtual Presentation: AI is Consuming Software – and All the Power on the Planet: How At-Memory Computation Will Solve the Impending AI Energy Crisis


Presentation: Monday, September 13, 2021; 9:40 A.M.





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