Blokbot, the Algorithm-Powered Platform That Promises to Automate and Ease the Process of Crypto Trading

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / September 9, 2021 / Blokbot, a platform strategically designed to enable people from all walks of life to auto-buy and sell crypto without extensive technical know-how, operates under the recognition that more and more individuals have found the appeal of trading the crypto markets. Fueled by the mission of democratizing algorithmic trading, it is set to emerge as a household brand in the years to come.

Widely considered a staple of the future economic landscape, cryptocurrency has dominated the financial realm in recent years. With its ability to create a borderless and globalized economy, no one would be surprised if it becomes a go-to way for paying for goods and services this century. However, while its utility as a form of payment can be credited for its rise, it is undeniable that much of the current buzz surrounding crypto is generated by the fact that it could serve as a tool to secure financial freedom.

Founded by London-based tech entrepreneurs with an in-depth understanding of the industry and an impressive background in spearheading technology companies within the fields of real estate, e-commerce, and pharmaceuticals, blokbot and the technology powering this trading algorithm came into existence after strenuous months of coding and rigorous testing.

“Initially, this was for our personal funds, but friends and family wanted to get involved once they saw our progress,” shared Yahya Shah, the strategic mind behind this leading crypto trading bot. “Now, we’re opening the doors to fellow crypto enthusiasts and beginners to the sector.”

Since its launch three months ago, blokbot has managed to close eight million dollars worth of trades and facilitate the trade of over 248,000,000 coins. Its incredible success and the extent to which the software continues to capture the interest of a growing number of crypto enthusiasts is primarily due to its hands-free service.

At the core of blokbot is the goal of helping users navigate the highly complex and uncertain waters of the financial realm. By wielding the power of digital technology, it is able to read the market in a timely manner and execute multiple trades, emotion-free.

Although a considerable degree of risk is inherent in the world of investments and trades, blokbot ensures that users’ capital is diversified and traded conservatively.

“The application programming interface (API) integration that individuals need to accomplish only allows the software to connect and trade on their Binance. It neither gives us access to any personal information nor the ability to deposit or withdraw on traders’ behalf,” added the founders.

So far, blokbot has welcomed to the fold of users who are banking on its AI a long list of institutions, fund managers, and crypto traders. Backed by an incredible track record, it is bound to pique the interest of the general public, especially of those who are not well-versed in the nitty-gritty of crypto trading.

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