Blue Collar Pet Transport Announces Pet Travel with Comfort and Care

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 2, 2021 / With remote work on the rise, more and more Americans are using their newfound freedom from the office as an opportunity to finally make the cross-country moves they’d previously only dreamed of. When Blue Collar Pet Transport first observed this trend back in 2019, they saw it as an opportunity to serve the public by ensuring the safety and security of our pets during this period of increased migration. As founder Richard Hardy explains, “With all these people suddenly having to travel these great distances, we knew that one of the biggest worries on their minds would be their pets. How can we get our pets to our new home safely and comfortably? We wanted to do everything we could to alleviate this anxiety. So, we asked ourselves: How can we turn what is usually such a taxing experience into one of the most convenient parts of our journey?”

Who Is Blue Collar Pet Transport?

It seems obvious that Americans love their pets. Blue Collar Pet Transport is a rising star of the pet travel industry, having grown over 830% since their start in 2019. Their mission is simple, yet significant: to guarantee the safety, comfort, and efficiency of a pet’s travel experience. To achieve this, the company is dedicated to reliability, to never cutting corners, and to going anywhere in the world that a client needs their pet to go. They are also USDA-registered, insured, and a member of the International Pet and Animal Association, a nonprofit trade association of independent members who are committed to the safe and humane transport of pets and other animals.

Modernizing Pet Transport

Until recently, the pet transport industry catered only to the wealthiest of Americans, leaving few options for middle class families. The majority of pets that have ever crossed the nation have done so by car or train; these long, cramped, uncomfortable journeys can take a toll on our pets. Fortunately, Blue Collar Pet Transport is bringing the industry into the 21st century with a range of affordable and luxurious modes of travel.

“We wanted to bring an end to the days of stuffing our beloved pets into cramped metal crates in a dangerous cargo hold,” says Hardy. “That’s why we developed such a wide spread of services; we wanted to create options for every family that would ensure the safety, comfort, and happiness of their pets.”

They offer traditional ground transport services with their Shared Ride Pet Transport plan, which sends pets to their destinations along a pre-planned route across North America, with other furry friends to keep them company. While it’s not as plush as the company’s private ground or private jet services, the safety and comfort remain top notch. If you’d prefer your pet take to the skies, they also offer a cost-effective Air Pet Transport plan, which includes full-time accompaniment and care by one of their trained handlers. For those relocating in Central Florida, the Blue Collar team also offers local transportation services; they will pick your pet up from any location and take them where they need to go. Similar to their private pet transport service, your pet(s) will receive the highest quality of service available. On the more luxurious end of the spectrum, they offer Private Pet Relocation Services and Private Jet Pet Transport, both of which send your pet directly to their destinations in the lap of luxury. All pet transport services include pet purchase fraud protection and more.

To ensure a stress-free and pleasant trip for their passengers, Blue Collar Pet Transport takes into consideration a wide variety of aspects that can improve travel, including routing, weather, road conditions, and many other factors that may affect a pet’s travel experience. They guarantee that our pets will arrive at their destination cheerful and comfortable, wishing they could tell us about all the fun they had on their journey.

How The Pet Transport Process Works

With Blue Collar Pet Transport, getting your furry family member to their destination is a quick and painless process. “We’ve created what we believe is the most streamlined pet transport process on the market today, and we’re always looking for innovative ways to improve our operation,” says Hardy. Their office is open 24/7, which means they’re always ready to assist you with free quotes or answers to any questions you may have (you can easily contact them through their website). Their team can guide you through arranging your pet’s pickup and help you to understand how to prepare your pet for transport. Once your pet is picked up, they will be in the exclusive care of responsible, experienced animal handlers who are required to undergo routine background checks and drug screenings. Best of all, they really do love animals.

Pet Travel Just Got Safer and More Comfortable

The Blue Collar Pet Transport team began their mission with an understanding of the stress of traveling with pets, and they have stood committed to reducing this anxiety at every step of the process. That’s why they cultivated a company full of compassionate animal lovers that truly appreciate the importance of our pets’ comfort and care. Their comprehensive list of transport services provides pet owners with the security and relief they’ve been searching for. With Blue Collar Pet Transport, the short time away from our pets can feel like a breeze.


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