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CARIGNAN, QC / ACCESSWIRE / September 2, 2021 / Senior executive Daniel Menard is pleased to announce that he has been recently featured on a popular interview platform to discuss his extensive professional success. With over thirty years of experience, Menard works alongside local and international companies to help them achieve long-term growth. When asked “As a senior executive, what is the one thing you do over and over and recommend everyone else do?” he states:

“I think it comes down to empowerment. People want to be empowered. People react really well to empowerment and to decentralization. If you do this from a structural perspective, then people will feel it, in short, they will not only react really well, but they will give you a lot more than you were even expecting.”

As a leader, Menard understands firsthand the importance of letting all voices be heard and attributes much of his success to his qualified team that work alongside him.

Additionally, despite the fluidity of the business landscape, Daniel Menard has always adapted to the marketplace claiming that it is essential to have a firm understanding of your competition. Innovation and adaptability are key to sustainable, long-term growth.

While Menard maintains a busy schedule he also reminds individuals that a proper work-life balance is important:

“While my typical day has certainly evolved, I have always tried to maintain a sense of structure. I enjoy walking up early and taking some time to myself. Typically, I will either read or meditate and find the time to incorporate some exercise. I also like to plan my day, I find that it enhances my concentration and increases my productivity.”

Those interested in reading the full interview can do so here.

About Daniel Menard

Daniel Menard is a seasoned business professional and senior executive based out of Carignan, Quebec. With over thirty years of industry-related experience, Daniel has served a wide range of leadership roles for several prominent organizations including, the private security firm, GardaWorld. With a natural ability to motivate and empower employees, Daniel Menard is always searching for new and exciting business opportunities.

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