Bussr to Reach $1 Billion in Sales on Its Mobility Platform in 2022

SINGAPORE, Sep 2, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Bussr offers a mobility payment solutions platform for businesses and users, powering payments infrastructure for the mobility market using the latest booking and ticketing innovations. More than 800 businesses have already signed on to use Bussr’s platform, 100 of which, amounting to US$150 million in annual sales, will go live in 2021.

Bussr believes that every trip and transaction should empower people to move and connect, with the smallest carbon footprint possible. Every Bussr trip considers distance and environmental impact as well as the ability to reduce urban congestion.

Bussr is also in the advanced discussion stage with the Indonesian Government to digitize the metro transit ecosystem, with an expected 10 million daily users.

Bussr’s innovative offerings extend to disrupting the last-mile logistics space; delivery brands and retailers will have a simple, automated way of integrating and adding the most relevant payment options to their business model, delighting their customers with affordable same-day delivery.

The mobility sector is an immense $2 trillion market that still relies on paper cash, fax machines, and manila envelopes. By 2050, the global population is projected to increase to around 9.8 billion, with more than twice as many people living in urban areas than in rural settings. The need for innovation in the mobility and logistics payments sector is clear.

“We are tackling a massive $2 trillion market, developing modern software for an industry that still relies on woefully outmoded paper-based systems. We bring security, efficiency, and joy to a paper-based pillar of the global market economy. We want to empower mobility and logistics partners with the right tools for their users. Mobility providers will be able to offer seamless payment options across the entire mobility ecosystem,” said Hussein, CEO of Bussr.

Bussr’s payment solutions platform allows mobility businesses of all types to have bespoke booking and ticketing solutions for their respective markets. For operators, brands, and retailers, getting onboard with Bussr is a near-effortless three-step process:
1. Get your branded mobile app and website
2. Add your product with prices and descriptions
3. Choose your payment options and start selling

The overarching theme of efficiency runs deeper — Bussr understands that its responsibilities will ultimately impact people and the planet alike. This means that every trip and transaction should empower people to move and connect, all the while with the smallest carbon footprint possible. Every trip considers distance and environmental impact as well as its ability to reduce urban congestion.

With the complex goal of changing the way people connect across cities and countries, Bussr benefits from its strong leadership trio: tech entrepreneur Hussein Abdelkarim, former Rocket Internet founder and CEO, I.M. Shousha, veteran technology consultant and co-founder, and Ajay Bhandari, former Microsoft Chief Architect, CTO, and co-founder.

It’s no surprise that Bussr promises an exciting ride ahead for all on board. To learn more about Bussr, and its goal to digitize mobility and connect the world, join the dialogue at www.bussr.com.

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