Canovation™ to premiere their CanReseal® Ring-End (CRE™) Technology at Pack Expo Las Vegas

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AluminumCan–Canovation, an award-winning and sustainable packaging innovation company, announces that they will demo their patented CanReseal Ring-End (CRE™) to the public for the first time at the 2021 PACK EXPO in Las Vegas. CanReseal is the first ever all-metal resealable technology that adds threads to all commercially available cans for any product.

CanReseal is simply a can with threads. The CanReseal Ring-End (CRE) is an open ring-end that adds room for aromatics and better pouring capability, all at a more competitive cost. CanReseal turns aluminum cans into resealable, portable and sustainable packaging solutions.

CanReseal’s patented technology provides an alternative for many markets including:

  • Groundbreaking resealability for canned beverages
  • Portable pet food containers for travel or for refrigerator storage
  • Compliant options for CBD flower, edibles, and infused beverages containers
  • Resealability for paint cans to avoid product waste
  • Portion control convenience for food and snack products

“Our CanReseal technology changes everything,” said Chief Marketing Officer Michele Merrell. “Aluminum packaging has not evolved much for over 40 years, and it’s time for the industry to take a huge step towards a sustainable and resealable future without plastic. CanReseal has provided the world with the next generation of metal packaging.”

The all-metal and resealable CRE™ lid and closure components do not require a conversion process typically associated with can end manufacturing. With Canovation’s innovative CRE packaging solution, there is no need for a score, rivet, or tab, saving brands material costs as well as the production equipment and related operating costs.

This will be the first time in history that attendees will have the opportunity to see and demo the CanReseal CRE solution. Canovation is offering this demonstration at their booth N-9612 in the North Hall during the Expo.

Out of thousands of exhibitors, PMMI has also selected Canovation’s CanReseal product line as a finalist in two of four categories for the Pack Expo Technology Excellence Awards, including the Food/Beverage and Personal Care/Pharma categories. Voting takes place during the Expo on the Pack Expo Las Vegas 2021 mobile app, online at , and in the lobbies of the Central and South Halls.

Canovation will also display three other CanReseal packaging solutions including the CanReseal Stay-On Tab (CSOT™), CanReseal Easy-Open End (CEOE™), and CanReseal Peel-Off (CPO™). The CanReseal solutions offer the aluminum packaging industry a brand-new approach to the standard stay-on tab, easy-open end, and peel-off tabs of today, with the resealable capabilities of tomorrow.

About Canovation:

Canovation is a container engineering and design company created in response to worldwide consumer demand for a reduction in the use of plastic, which is impacting our ecosystems and our health. Its award-winning CanReseal® technology can be used in many vertical markets with endless applications ranging from beverages, food & snack, pet food, paint & chemical, CBD/pharma, personal care, household and consumer goods, and delivers an economical, endlessly recyclable and fully resealable metal packaging solution. Canovation is evolving the packaging industry by the creation of fully resealable can that does not disrupt existing infrastructure or supply chain operations. Its solution provides many product brands with a functional and economical alternative to single-use plastic. For more information, visit


Michele Merrell, Chief Marketing Officer
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