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LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 2, 2021 / With the global economy suffering from the aftereffects of the pandemic and recession, many people saw their investment portfolios take a hit and are now working to rebuild their finances. This is true even of physicians, many of whom saw their earnings drop in 2020 as patients stayed home. For those doctors who are looking for alternative income streams, they may be interested in CareventuresCapital, which helps physician-investors earn a stable passive income. As a Houston-based group of physicians, management consultants, and entrepreneurs, they invest in opportunities in the commercial real estate sector and innovative startups. As a result, CareventuresCapital grew Assets under management to $70 million in 2021, targeting $100 million AUM.

A Quick Refresher on Passive Income

It can be a difficult time to be a medical professional if you are not on the frontlines. However, passive income is a viable option that could allow physicians to gain more financial freedom. This course of action would allow physicians to have a stable, stress-free income during times of hardship and uncertainty. There are certainly other investments physicians could make, but being a physician is your passion, then another side job might not sound appealing.

How CareventuresCapital Can Potentially Generate Passive Income Streams for Physicians

There are a number of options you could choose from to generate passive incomes, but if you choose CareventuresCapital you are choosing to work with other physicians, management consultants, and entrepreneurs. These are professionals like yourself who have come together to invest in opportunities in the commercial real estate sector and innovative startups. CareventuresCapital assists physicians by co-investing in apartment transactions. Investors then share the equity of a property.

CareventuresCapital presents passive investment opportunities in class b and c apartments in North America to help physician investors earn a stable passive income. Passive income is income that requires little to no effort to earn and maintain. Examples of CareventuresCapital’s passive income include rental income and any business activities in which the earner does not materially participate.

The Leadership Behind CareventuresCapital

Founder Dr. Saji Salam leverages his management consulting and engagement management skills to supplement the operational and transaction management expertise of the team. CareventuresCapital generates a passive income stream for physicians by leveraging their extensive experience and network. With over twenty years of experience in five big consulting firms such as Deloitte and Accenture, Dr. Saji Salam has been leading and consulting enterprise-wide project implementation initiatives with Fortune 500 clients. Since 2017, Dr. Saji Salam has been a full-time real estate investor and has been investing in real estate in the US and overseas in single-family and multifamily assets with an ownership interest in over 1800 doors and has $ 70 million assets under management as an owner-operator.

How Physicians Can Learn More about Passive Income Opportunities with CareventuresCapital

For more information on CareventuresCapital, you can visit their website to view their property portfolio. You can also sign up to receive exclusive investment offerings.

The Takeaway for Physicians Who Suffered Income Losses in 2020

Having a passive income that can replace existing income streams can allow you to pursue your passions. For physicians comfortable with a more active investment mindset, CareventuresCapital offers options to participate in the early stages of funding startups. These are the kind of opportunities where physicians could leverage other people’s time to make their money work for them. The medical field is changing and physicians need to be able to support themselves and each other.

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