CodeSignal and GoodTime Announce Integration to Help Companies Optimize Tech Recruiting at Scale

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–For companies hiring at scale, every minute spent on recruiting logistics counts. Scheduling panel interviews can be especially time-consuming—and with 86 percent of companies conducting interviews remotely,1 recruiters need to engage tech tools that streamline this process for both interviewers and candidates. GoodTime is an interview scheduling automation tool that serves just this purpose.

GoodTime’s new integration with CodeSignal, an industry-leading platform for automated and live technical interviews, makes using these tools together fast and seamless. This integration is helping our mutual customers free up recruiting time spent on scheduling logistics so they can focus on what counts: connecting with candidates.

How it works

With the CodeSignal-GoodTime integration, recruiters can easily schedule CodeSignal interviews directly from their GoodTime dashboard. This integration supports scheduling single interview sessions and complex panel interviews with multiple interviewers, where each session needs its own unique session link; both can be done with just two clicks in GoodTime.

Key benefits

  • Streamlined interview scheduling: Before, GoodTime users needed to manually create a new CodeSignal session for each remote interview and copy the link into each calendar invite. Now, the process is automated and seamless – users can insert a link to CodeSignal interviews within GoodTime in just two clicks.
  • Guaranteed correct links for each interview session: Remote on-sites often involve back-to-back interview sessions with different panels of interviewers, each requiring a unique session link. When you schedule CodeSignal interview sessions through GoodTime, you can breathe easy knowing you sent the correct CodeSignal interview session link for each session and interviewers.
  • Integrations with ATS: Both GoodTime and CodeSignal integrate seamlessly with the most popular ATS platforms. If you’re already using an ATS, adding GoodTime to your recruitment toolbox further simplifies the flow of your recruitment process by automating interview and on-site scheduling.

“Our goal is to make every minute count for our clients and the candidates they interview,” said Ahryun Moon, CEO and Founder of GoodTime. “Our integration with CodeSignal not only streamlines the interaction between candidates and interviewers, the efficiencies our customers realize truly does make every minute count.”

“This integration will enable hundreds of recruiters and recruiting coordinators using both CodeSignal and GoodTime to reduce the time they spend on scheduling and deliver a fantastic candidate experience,” added CodeSignal Co-founder and CEO Tigran Sloyan.

About CodeSignal

CodeSignal Interview offers tools that create a real-world environment for live technical interviews, including an advanced IDE, easy-to-use whiteboard, built-in video conferencing, and a terminal. These state-of-the-art features empower teams to evaluate complex software development skills, and make candidates feel at home in a familiar development environment. By integrating with GoodTime, it is easier than ever for technical hiring teams to incorporate CodeSignal live interview sessions into their recruiting workflow.

About GoodTime

GoodTime enables talent acquisition teams to create an efficient, equitable, and personalized candidate experience that lands top talent faster. GoodTime is the only AI-based HR tech solution that can help advance diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives, fostering measurable impact for every job candidate from day zero. See why the world’s top talent acquisition teams, including Zoom, Instacart, and DropBox, rely on GoodTime to slash time-to-hire metrics, and deliver up to 50% savings on hiring expenditure.

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1 Gartner HR Survey Shows 86% of Organizations Are Conducting Virtual Interviews to Hire Candidates During Coronavirus Pandemic. April 30, 2020. Gartner.


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