Deep 6 AI Launches Deep 6 for Life Sciences to Accelerate Clinical Trials for Sponsors & CROs

New precision matching software empowers sponsors to de-risk and accelerate clinical trials.

PASADENA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Deep 6 AI today announced Deep 6 for Life Sciences, a novel suite of AI software solutions for life science sponsors and CROs, built on its industry-leading clinical trial acceleration platform.

Leveraging its cutting-edge AI to mine the entire patient record, including unstructured data such as physician notes, pathology reports, genomics, etc., Deep 6 for Life Sciences brings a new level of data-driven precision and insight to sponsors’ interventional and observational studies, saving them months and significantly de-risking their research efforts.

“Smart applications of AI and NLP will truly improve clinical research,” said Jason Attanucci, Vice President of Life Sciences. “Deep 6 AI’s success in applying AI to all aspects of clinical trial design, site feasibility, patient recruitment, and data reporting for hospital research centers will now extend to sponsors and CROs. Ours is the only solution in the industry to connect researchers, treating physicians, and soon, patients, with sponsors in a real-time, real-world data-driven ecosystem, bridging the last mile by precision-matching patients to trials in real time.”

AI’s benefits are clearly illustrated by Deep 6 AI’s success on a recent Crohn’s Disease study. Traditional methods, using structured data and keywords, had identified 5,024 eligible patients, but this number dropped to 30 after months of manual record verification. However, Deep 6 AI software found and validated 36 eligible patients in less than 45 minutes. This is important because new drug development is inherently costly, slow, and fraught with risk. Recent NCBI data shows investments averaging $1 to $1.8 billion and 12 years to bring a new treatment to market, while the overall probability of success to go from clinical trial to FDA approval is a mere 13.8%. Further NCBI analysis reveals 55% of all terminated trials in the Clinical Trials database were due to low accrual rates. Globally, more than 80% of trials fail to enroll on time, leading to study extension and the addition of new study sites.

“Well over a decade into precision medicine and clinical data digitization, most studies still resort to a ‘spray and pray’ approach, contacting as many patients as possible and then spending months manually picking the few who actually match the study criteria,” said Wout Brusselaers, CEO of Deep 6 AI. “Our technology upends this approach, by starting from precision-matching eligible patients to exact research criteria upfront, in mere minutes instead of months. Everything flows from there: greater precision leads to accelerated, targeted recruitment; a better patient experience; fewer study and site failures. Ultimately, this helps bring new drugs to the patients who need them, faster.”

Deep 6 AI’s new life science capabilities provide sponsors and CROs the ability to collaborate with study personnel across its site network, which includes over 30 million patients, 30,000 HCPs, and thousands of active trials over dozens of leading research institutions, including 6 NCI-designated comprehensive cancer centers.

Upcoming opportunities to learn more about Deep 6 for Life Sciences include:

  • The Society for Clinical Research Sites’ Global Site Solutions Summit, October 1-3 in Hollywood, Florida, booth 617
  • The CNS Summit, November 7th – 10th in Boston, Massachusetts


Deep 6 AI is the leader in clinical trial acceleration software, using cutting-edge technology and unparalleled deep data to help defeat disease and get life-saving therapies to market faster. The company’s flagship eClinical platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) on both structured and unstructured patient data to precision match patients with complex clinical trials in mere minutes — advancing research faster than the speed of disease and providing physicians with the latest care options for their patients.

Deep 6 AI is a Techstars and StartX alum. The company was founded in 2016 and is based in Pasadena, CA. Learn more at


Kristi Lee-John for Deep 6 AI


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