DeFi Components in a CeFi World: The StockSwap App Is Poised To Revolutionize Social Investing

StockSwap brings the best of DeFi to social investing in the stock market.

Social Investing is about to get streamlined with the launch of the StockSwap app.

AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / September 6, 2021 / The rapidly expanding cryptocurrency ecosystem and the emergence of decentralized finance (DeFi) have taken the world by storm and are in the process of transforming the global financial economy more with every passing day.

While DeFi is helping to revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry, the legacy financial system has yet to tap into many of the features that have excited users and brought a new level of engagement.

That’s about to change on September 8, 2021 with the limited access launch of StockSwap, a social investing platform that combines the best of the worlds of traditional investing and DeFi to provide retail investors with all the tools they need to make empowered decisions.

Up until now, the average retail investor goes through a similar process of locating a company they are interested in investing in online and typically involves doing some research on social media where many try to reach out and engage with the company to see if it’s the right fit.

After that, they may ask friends or trusted professionals their opinion on the company, and maybe perform a Google search for major headlines or red flags. Once they decide to make an investment, they will often become some of the best promoters for the project and attempt to cue in others to the opportunity they discovered.

While previously all these steps required multiple separate platforms and unconnected ecosystems, now users can utilize StockSwap to meet all their social investing needs.

StockSwap is specifically designed to provide retail investors with the best possible access to information and education while also combining some of the most popular components from decentralized finance, such as the ability for users to stake the platforms’ native STONK token to gain governance abilities and access to free monthly stocks and hidden features.

This unique combination of available features shows that StockSwap is committed to helping revolutionize traditional financing while providing its community with the most advanced social investing experience on the market.

Retail investors were a dominant force in driving the markets in 2020, which saw the number of retail participants in the markets increase by 20% while the DeFi market, which is predominantly comprised of retail investors, saw its value increase 88x in 2020 as it transformed the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

StockSwap is now positioned to harness this momentum in order to create the most comprehensive social investing platform for traditional finance that will, in the future, also include a bridge to crypto finance.

Features on the StockSwap app include the ability to: rate stocks based on investing experience; recommend a stock and leave behind insights for other users; share trades and favorite stocks with followers on social media; get involved with the overall development of the platform through governance voting; access to news from all major sources; and to register with Alpaca markets to integrate stock trading with the StockSwap app.

With a transparent business model and advanced, user-friendly interface, StockSwap is a one-stop social investing app for the modern retail investor designed to streamline the social investing experience and bring a new level of simplicity to investing in the stock market.

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