Dr. Carlos Barba Collaborates on the Second of Three New Articles

The bariatric and general surgeon acted as an expert consultant on the second in a trilogy of informative new articles about issues surrounding bariatric surgery.

BROWNSVILLE, TX / ACCESSWIRE / September 5, 2021 / It is with much pride and pleasure that bariatric and general surgeon Dr. Carlos Barba of Brownsville, Texas announces that he has lent his medical expertise to the second of three new articles about important issues surrounding weight loss surgery. The article, which is entitled Failed Weight Loss Surgery? Dr. Carlos A. Barba Explains Potential Issues Derailing Bariatric Surgery Success, was published on August 9, 2021, and was written in conjunction with an online periodical that runs news and opinion pieces from all around the United States.

At the outset of the article, Dr. Barba does not mince words about the primary reason that some bariatric surgeries do not provide lasting results. “One of the main reasons weight loss surgery fails to be effective is the regression to previous lifestyle choices,” he writes, going to explain that patients undergoing such surgeries are given explicit instructions about food intake, exercise, and personal mindset with relation to their body image. “For weight loss surgery to be successful and for results to last, the individual must also have a personal lifestyle change. Gradual poor choices compound over time, leading to weight gain compared to one’s pre-surgery condition.”

Later on in the piece, Dr. Carlos Barba delves deeper into standard post-operation instructions given to patients of bariatric surgery, explaining, “After weight loss operation procedures, internal organs are still healing and may need time to get used to processing foods and performing daily functions.” He then proceeds to outline how not abiding by doctor’s orders regarding eating slowly and mindfully, avoiding certain foods, and drinking in between meals can be medically dangerous for patients, as well as causing them to regain unwanted weight.

The full text of the article can be found here.

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About Dr. Carlos Barba:

Dr. Carlos Barba is a bariatric and general surgeon with medical practices in the towns of Brownsville and Harlingen, Texas. After graduating from the University of Montreal and the University of Pennsylvania, he finished his medical training by completing a fellowship in trauma and critical care. Upon moving to Hartford, Connecticut, Dr. Barba began performing bariatric surgery due to the high demand for it in the area coupled with the lack of local qualified surgeons in that specialty. He quickly became a member of the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeons (ASMBS), and in 2005, became involved in creating Connecticut’s first ASMBS Center of Excellence. When Dr. Barba relocated to Texas in 2013, he created the first ASMBS Center of Excellence in the Rio Grande Valley, located in Cameron Country. To garner this designation, both the surgeon and the medical center in question have to meet the highest standards for patient care. These days, Dr. Carlos Barba spends about half his professional time on bariatric surgery and the other half on general surgery.

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