Elemica Expands Order-to-Cash Process Automation Platform

The successful integration of OmPrompt technologies means organizations can now digitize the whole order-to-cash cycle across customer profiles representing any purchase volume

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The acquisition of OmPrompt in March of 2021 set in motion a redefinition of what’s possible in terms of digitizing and automating processes across the order-to-cash cycle. Today, with the integration of OmPrompt’s technologies now complete, Elemica can offer a comprehensive Sales Order Management solution enabling the automation of all transactions, documentation and communications tailored for any enterprise and customer type.

This post-acquisition order-to-cash enhancement means you can now digitize any order-to-cash document. This includes sales orders, fulfillment requests, shipping, invoicing, accounts receivable communications—any document between any trading partner, and within any technical format. More digitization within order-to-cash processes has been proven to consistently increase KPIs such as On-time, In-Full (OTIF) and customer satisfaction, as well as administrative time and cost.

A number of buyer and transactional variables have traditionally made order-to-cash digitization difficult. Chief among them have been 1) disparities in customer order size and frequency and 2) changes in order format. Both high-volume, high-frequency purchasers and low-frequency, long-tail buyers have historically required different processes and with this integration we provide true process harmonization. When any kind of buyer alters an order format variable, such as changing a spreadsheet or relabeling a line item, it often causes confusion. But this more agile, comprehensive order-to-cash system can adjust for all these variables—delivering maximum digitization, efficiency and flexibility for all customers and orders.

“I am so proud of this team,” said Elemica Chief Technology Officer Arun Samuga. “From the outside looking in, these integrations seem so simple and seamless. But this level of order-to-cash digitization was an industry first. It took a tremendous amount of planning, work and collaboration to bring these technologies together and make it all buyer-ready in less than six months. This is every bit as much a team triumph as a technology one.” Learn more about Elemica’s Sales Order Management solution.

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Elemica is the world’s leading digital supply chain network for the global manufacturing sector. The company streamlines your supply chain by connecting mission-critical aspects of your business to a powerful digital network that processes more than $1T in transactions annually. For more information, visit elemica.com.

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