Fantom Announces Artion NFT Platform and Marketplace Launch

The Fantom Foundation has launched its much-anticipated NFT platform and marketplace

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fantom’s NFT platform and marketplace is feature-rich, fast, and inexpensive. Artion charges 0% commissions. As is standard on the Fantom platform, transactions take on average 1-second to complete, with near-zero transaction fees.

Low-cost, sophisticated, but easy to use, lifts what have been major barriers to entry for creators and collectors. But there’s much more. Let’s take a further look at what Artion offers:

Fees and Royalties

Artion charges a low fixed rate to mint NFTs. Royalties recognizing the creator’s work are adjustable at the time of minting and automatically deducted.

User Interface and Wallets

Artion features a sleek user interface that allows for sophisticated functionality without requiring any coding knowledge whatsoever.

Artion interfaces with the Metamask and the Coinbase Mobile wallets and supports all Fantom-based ERC20 tokens, including USDT, USDC, DAI, and wFTM. A built-in swap station allows users to wrap/unwrap FTM/wFTM without needing to leave the platform.

Virtually Instantaneous Transactions

In general, NFT transactions on Fantom take about as long as a regular transaction, i.e., about one second. This means that there is no waiting for transactions to confirm.

Enhanced Profiles and Email Alerts

Artion allows users to create rich user profiles. This feature will be especially useful for creators seeking to establish themselves and build their communities. Users additionally have the option to configure email notifications for sales and purchases.

Flexible Sales and NFT Bundles

On Artion, users can group NFTs from different collections and sell them as a bundle. Enabling curated sets opens creative options for sellers to cater to different audiences and tastes.

Token Standards and Storage

Artion supports the ERC721 and ERC1155 NFT token standards. All uploaded assets are stored on the IPFS, meaning creators don’t need to manage digital asset storage.

NFT Bridge (future release)

The Foundation recently announced that a near-future release of Artion will include an Ethereum-Fantom bridge that allows users to transfer their NFTs seamlessly between networks. This groundbreaking feature will radically expand the NFT marketplace on both Ethereum and Fantom.

As a low-cost, no-code, sophisticated alternative to slow, expensive, or user-unfriendly NFT platforms, Artion is poised to significantly impact NFT markets and raise the standard for projects supporting the creator economy.


Simone Pomposi

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