GymNation’s Commitment to Affordable Fitness Is Making Splashes

DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / September 6, 2021 / The award-winning startup has recently been voted the “Best Gym in the UAE” following a public poll, earning over 35.000 votes in its favor.

GymNation is a homegrown UAE Gym startup that was founded with a key principle in mind: make gyms both more accessible and more democratic without compromising the quality of service. And while such an approach may seem like an obvious road for any gym to take, the UAE was severely lacking in the affordable gym department prior to the startup’s rise to stardom.

When GymNation was founded – back in 2017 – the country’s fitness situation was dire. Dubai had just ranked as the second most expensive in the world in which to buy a gym membership. The result was part of Deutsche Bank’s annual “Mapping the world’s prices” survey, which found that the only city with a more expensive gym membership than the UAE was Tokyo. And the reality for the everyday consumer was even worse than that report indicates.

Not only were memberships expensive, but new members were expected to pay a full year in advance in a lump sum, making joining a gym even more financially taxing. It was against that backdrop that GymNation was created, and the startup’s subsequent success and popularity is an undeniable truth that the market was hungry for a gym that was willing to put “Fitness First…Not Profits First”. As the company explains it:

“Being a GymNation member doesn’t just mean you save money! It also means you have access to world-class, state-of-the-art gym facilities that provide everyone in the UAE with the opportunity to reach their health and fitness goals – no matter what they are!”

GymNation is able to charge less while still being one of the best gyms in Dubai by saving money in areas that don’t matter for most people. This includes reducing costs by not offering unnecessary frills like saunas, spas, or pools within GymNation locations. They also do not offer towel services and other unnecessary little perks, and further reduce costs by automating a lot of their internal systems, boosting efficiency.

What the company offers instead of those frills are world-class facilities and perks that really matter for the average fitness enthusiast. Some of their biggest selling points include:

  • The largest gym facilities in the UAE, with some as big as 50,000+ in size;
  • 24/7/365 access across all locations. GymNation never closes, making it easier for members to fit gym time in their schedule;
  • Over 500 different pieces of state-of-the-art Matrix cardio and weight equipment;
  • Over 200 live fitness classes per month, which members can take part in free of charge. Classes include Yoga, Zumba, Les Mills, Spin, and more;
  • Thousands of on-demand online classes that members can take part in at any time of the day;
  • Free parking for members;
  • Ladies-only facilities and classes.

Recently GymNation was chosen as the best gym in the UAE by residents who took part in a public vote held by Virgin Radio Dubai. Out of over 70.000 votes, GymNation was elected “Best Gym”, earning 51% of the votes. The gym that landed in second place got 21% of the votes. And while the survey didn’t ask voters why they choose GymNation as the best, looking at the company’s history combined with the list of perks above, it is easy to see why they won.



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