Helixa and GWI Partner to Align Predictive Interest with Expressed Consumer Intent, Bolstering Consumer Insight Offering

Global Audience View addresses blind spots in understanding digital-first audiences to enable more effective audience segmentation, media planning and buying

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Helixa, a data-driven audience intelligence platform, and GWI (GlobalWebIndex), a target audience insight company with a global panel of over 2 billion connected consumers, today launched a joint initiative to integrate consumer predictive insights with expressed consumer intent.

By matching GWI’s Core survey with Helixa’s behavioral affinity data derived from AI analysis of public social personas, Global Audience View enables a more granular and holistic look at digital-first audiences. The initial release, available now, provides insight into to U.S. audiences, with eventual expansion of the platform to markets worldwide.

The combined data set provides users with insight into a variety of topics such as consumer interests, demos, influencers, brand usage, media usage and psychographics and covers 19,000 influencers, more than 20,000 products and services and more than 12,000 media properties.

Global Audience View client benefits include:

  • Better Digital Planning

    Helixa’s brand and media catalog depth combined with GWI’s social attributes enables more effective and dynamic digital planning.

  • B2B Audiences and Context Identification

    Helixa’s scale and context paired with GWI’s job functionality statements enables better identification of B2B audiences in non-B2B environments.

  • Influencer Identification

    Helixa’s Influencer catalog combined with GWI’s usage patterns gives an in-depth look at evolving industries such as gaming and music and the Influencers that drive them.

“We are very excited about this partnership with GWI. It enables us to bring much needed harmony to the audience research process by integrating our signature behavioral affinity data with GWI’s survey-derived insights,” says Florian Kahlert, co-CEO, Helixa. “Global Audience View addresses significant research blind spots by giving clients an up-to-date and easy way to understand what digital first audiences care about, what drives them and how to engage them.”

“As audiences become increasingly fragmented and complex, the need for marketers to have more holistic and granular datasets with which to identify and understand targets, especially in light of cookie deprecation, is critical,” says Tom Smith, Founder and CEO, GWI. “This integration with Helixa will enable more efficient and effective digital planning and as a result, enable greater ROI.”

For more information about Global Audience View, please contact GlobalAudienceView@helixa.ai.

About Helixa

Helixa is a data-driven, audience intelligence platform that helps media companies, brands and their agencies identify new opportunities and pathways to growth. We use public social data and transform it to provide timely and meaningful research insights that inform creative, planning, and execution to reach your target audiences across channels and meet them where they are. For more information, visit www.Helixa.ai.

About GWI

GWI is the leading supplier of target audience insight to the global marketing industry. Trusted by the world’s biggest brands, media organizations, and agencies on a daily basis to get closer to their audiences, the company’s flagship survey represents over 2 billion people globally. Using the subscription-based platform, our clients can gather in-depth insights into behaviors, attitudes, and interests in seconds through a combination of survey data and analytics.


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