HeroFi: A Digital Twist to the Lore of the One Above All

HO CHI MINH, VIETNAM / ACCESSWIRE / September 3, 2021 / HeroFi, a brand new mobile aRPG game developed by Bravestars, is set to make its official debut on September 06 as the latest IDO project on LaunchZone Pad. Bravestars has already revealed plenty of info about their new game, and we will very soon get our hands on this highly anticipated project.

HeroFi IDO and Fast Facts

IDO Date: September 06, 2021 at 1PM UTC
Developer & Publisher: Bravestars
Launchpad platform: LaunchZone Pad (LZ Pad)
Participating token: $HEROEGG

HeroFi Game Trailers

Several trailers have been released on Youtube, allowing us to have the first fascinating glimpse into the world of legendary heroes such as the Dragon Knights, the Phantom Slayers of the Golems – descendants of the Titans.

What is the setting for HeroFi?

It all started in the fantasy world of HeroFi. The magical sovereign is suddenly without a kaiser, and wars break out between clans. Be it a God from Heaven, Midgard or Hell, we all fight to be the One Above All – the crowned head of this kingdom.

The fantasy world of HeroFi lets players explore many unknown worlds.

Players will build their own army of three heroes and four soldiers to lead them to victory. HeroFi offers two gaming modes: PvE and PvP. Instead of completing quests alone, players can invite their friends and compete for item upgrades and necessary resources in the form of ROFI (we will talk about it later!) and secure more victories along the way. If you just want a quick standalone game to relax your mind after a long day at work, simply switch to the PvE mode to play with NPCs. Players can still collect ROFI in the PvE mode.

Utilize your tactical skills with strategy battles

Each Hero comes with different skills, combat stats, and fighting elements. It takes serious strategic planning to make the best characteristic combination for the squad and knock down the opponents.

The battle for the throne is intense.

Heroes are defined by type, class and skill. Choosing the elemental attributes complementary to the hero’s class will remarkably improve its skills in battles, causing severe damages to the enemies as well as increasing combat effectiveness.

Then comes the superiority of Genesis Heroes. There are a total of 5,200 Genesis Heroes that can “hatch” from the HEROEGGs. The maximum star tier for heroes is six; players will get a 1-star hero by default upon entering the game while the minimum star tier for a Genesis Hero is three.

Moreover, heroes of different genders can mate and give birth to new NFT heroes. The offspring production time is prolonged after each birth for normal heroes, thus keeping the value of heroes in line. The kid heroes of course can go to battles to collect experience and ROFI when their parents are in the offspring process. With Genesis Heroes, the offspring production remains the same.

ROFI will be introduced later on as the sole in-game medium of exchange.

Kid heroes will inherit random attributes from their parents’ attribute pool. Players need to promote this diversity to build up their own powerful army for the dynastic struggle.

A global-centric user approach

By adopting the innovative blockchain technology, Bravestars are aiming for both traditional gaming communities and crypto investors worldwide.

NFT Gaming has opened secure opportunities for game players to gain economic benefits. In traditional games, equipment and characters can only be traded in the black market, which is not supported by game publishers. In HeroFi, players can visit the built-in NFT Marketplace to buy and sell in-game items conveniently as tokenized assets. P2P trading is no longer limited by geography, medium of exchange or time.

All characters and items are BEP-20 tokens.

To improve the skills of their characters, players must finish a number of daily tasks and get the rewards in ROFI, a BEP-20 token that is planned to be listed on both centralized and decentralized exchanges. ROFI is available for easy purchasing to boost the strength of your army.

From an investor’s perspective, it is a bargain to participate in the IDO and claim HEROEGG, because Genesis Heroes hatching from HEROEGG are rare and powerful. The limited supply of Genesis Heroes responds effectively to increasing demand as more players join the game, adding enormous value to Genesis Hero prices. Offspring production is another way to earn profits when playing HeroFi.

The collaboration of two giants

Bravestars has been in the gaming industry since 2013 with more than 70 games released and 300 million downloads worldwide. The team’s motto is to make mobile action games accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Their latest productions include Hero of Empire, Shadow of Death 2, and Stickman Revenge 4.

LaunchZone is the incubator that scouts out promising crypto companies and guides them through the fundamental phases of fundraising, software development and marketing, until they are robust enough to launch successfully on their own. Being the leading project on Binance Smart Chain, LaunchZone provides expert assistance before and after the token sale events (IDOs) to help projects achieve a whopping 33,800% post-IDO ROI on average.

The launch of HeroFi and its IDO will definitely be a blast as a result of mutual efforts from Bravestars and LaunchZone. At the end of the day, HeroFi is the project that truly lives up to the concept of “Free to Play, Play to Earn”.


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