How Quill Is Helping Businesses Grow With Podcasting

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / September 2, 2021 / Quill is an innovative full-service podcasting agency. The company’s mission is to help businesses of all kinds grow through branded podcasting. Branded podcasting has been a rising star in the marketing world for a while now. However, creating, sustaining, and marketing a quality business podcast remains elusive at best. Quill is looking to solve that problem with a suite of elite podcasting services.

Quill is a marketing agency that is enabling companies to take their promotional efforts to the next level through the use of podcasts. The brand is self-described as “a group of podcast lovers that have a vision and drive to make *audio* waves in the industry.” It adds that the goal of the company is”to increase brand reach, build new relationships, and create compelling stories.”

In other words, Quill’s primary objective is to equip and help companies from countless industries add a high-quality audio element to their promotional content. With this in mind, the company has created a comprehensive suite of services. These don’t just address certain areas of the podcasting process, such as ideation or production. They focus on the entire lifecycle of podcasting.

According to Quill, the company has created an “award-winning podcast agency specializing in corporate audio production with measurable impact.”These are podcasts focused on a single brand. According to Quill’s website, “branded podcasts provide companies with a unique engagement strategy.” Quill isn’t alone in this sentiment, either. There is a growing consensus regarding the potent success of using branded podcasts as a marketing strategy.

For instance, the BBC reports (via Quill) that a podcast that mentions a brand yields a myriad of greater results. These span the gamut from higher awareness to greater purchase intent. On average, engagement is 16% higher and memory recall of the brand is boosted by as much as 12%, as well.

From brand awareness to boosting the bottom line, branded podcasts are becoming a premier option in the business world. However, the established success of branded podcasts doesn’t change the fact that they’re difficult to create. Podcasting can appear easy at first glance. Seemingly casual round table discussions and regurgitated scripts, captured at the press of a record button, make the entire marketing medium feel simplistic – nothing could be further from the truth.

The simple act of getting a quality recording is hard enough. It requires quality equipment – both hardware and software – set up and tuned with precision. Content also matters. Podcasts depend on the spoken word, offered in a comfortable, inviting format. This means content can’t read like a factual press release or a how-to blog article. Instead, podcasting content should be structured thoughtfully, with clear goals and KPIs in place.

Customer listening profiles are also important. Businesses must understand the age, gender, industry, lifestyle, and various other elements of their ideal customer. Production and distribution strategies are also key, as are competitive evaluation, audience growth strategies, and feedback loops.

Quill’s tools give brands full production and management of their company’s podcast. They allow a company to outsource the grunt work of setting up, maintaining, and promoting a podcast without letting go of control. It removes the hassle of creating a quality audio product while at the same time keeping the brand in the driver’s seat. This is important, as companies do not want to lose their brand’s voice, message, and values through the podcast creation process.

Quill is unique in the sense that it isn’t interested in taking the job of marketing a podcast away from its clients. Instead, it aims to provide elite production and promotional services that can support and enhance the existing messages and USPs that companies have already developed.

Quill is a full-service agency that is “creating content that’s worth listening to while driving reach, engagement, and results.”Among other things, the growing brand values passion, integrity, transparency, and supportiveness.

From solid ethics to quality production and pinpoint messaging, Quill is a company that knows its business. Its past successes point to future growth as the podcasting agency continues to enable businesses to promote themselves using one of the best options in the modern marketer’s toolkit, the humble podcast.

About Quill: Quill is a company on a mission to “to increase brand reach, build new relationships, and create compelling stories.” The ambitious enterprise has created a full-service podcast production agency that enables its clients to create crisp, clean, tailored content to effectively promote their businesses. You can learn more about Quill at

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