How the X28 Fitness and Nutrition Weight Loss Program Delivers Exceptional Results That Changes Lives

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / September 9, 2021 / X28 Fitness and Nutrition continues continues to be the leading provider of nutrition and weight-loss programs in the fitness industry that are designed to deliver observable improvements among users in just a matter of 28 days. From its establishment in 2017, it has consistently exceeded client expectations and remains committed to its objective to provide innovative and highly effective approaches that are both practical and easy to execute at home.

Today, X28 Fitness and Nutrition is home to hundreds of thousands of clients from across the country, people who have made steady improvements in their physical health by following their program of choice. Whether the need is for beginners, intermediate, extreme, or lower-body programs, X28 Fitness and Nutrition is more than able to provide uniquely designed packages that tone the body, burn fat significantly, build muscles, and improve the person’s overall well-being.

Each program is an effective and well-planned combination of challenging workouts, easy-to-follow diet guidelines, and nutritional supplement combinations that aim to optimize a person’s health. The programs also contain the company’s signature thermogenic Ignite 24/7, Slim 24/7, excellent customer service, and peer support system. The same support is also available on the company’s Facebook Group and is known as the X28 Challenge. The social media group has successfully created a dynamic and supportive community of like-minded individuals who are more than willing to extend help to motivate others.

X28 Fitness and Nutrition is owned by African-American entrepreneur and fitness coach Gee Bryant. In the company’s first year of business, he was able to successfully generate $1 million in revenues back in 2017 and has grown rapidly since. If anything, X28 Fitness and Nutrition is a testament to its founder’s humble beginnings and how he built a fitness empire with the help of a rundown laptop that stood the test of time.

Gee Bryant created X28 Fitness and Nutrition from scratch out of necessity and his deep desire to pull himself out of his challenging past. As he was growing up, the streets became one of his biggest influences, and he learned practices that did not do him much good in the end. He also found himself moving to five different colleges in his attempt to find the perfect school community that would suit his needs. When he decided to begin his entrepreneurial journey, he used all of his pain and trauma as a child to fuel the one thing that changed his life forever. Finding a way to leverage his difficult past to achieve success in his business is, by itself, a story worth telling to inspire others to pursue their own dreams without fear.

In February 2021, the company launched its new digital meal planner and all-access membership. It will soon be offering the X28 Live feature that will allow members to work out in real-time with a trainer.

In the next few years, Bryant sees X28 Fitness and Nutrition becoming a household name across the country as it stays true to its commitment to offer excellent weight-loss programs that will make a difference in the lives of its clients. As it continues to be a forerunner in the fitness industry, there is no doubt that it will set new trends in the coming years just as it did in the past.


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