Inferno pay to launch its first decentralized fan platform

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 2, 2021 / ZEXPR, Onlyfans has dominated the news worldwide in recent weeks, announcing that they would no longer be allowing adult content on the platform. However, this statement was retracted after the backlash from the millions of content creators worldwide who depend on the website to pay bills and support their families.

The website, like most adult platforms, is having issues with centralized payment processors and big banks refusing to process transactions and the ones that do charge ridiculous fees, making it hard for websites to profit. This is not new to the adult industry, but in recent years the issue is becoming rapidly worse. Soon companies like Visa and Mastercard will cease doing business with sex workers altogether. We have seen this happen before with the website The crazy thing is it can happen at any time, leaving adult content creators and performers with no place to go. What can workers do to protect themselves?

The answer is straightforward, actually, cryptocurrency. Decentralized finance is the future of all adult payments, eliminating the need for big banks and shady payment processors. L.O.C DIGIMEDIA LTD, owners of multiple adult platforms, have teamed up with fintech developers to create the solution.

Interno Pay Platform Launch

On Sept 8th, the company will release Inferno Pay, a decentralized cryptocurrency payment gateway and token. Inferno pay will eliminate chargebacks and fraud, a significant problem in the industry. The company will also give creators a piece of mind knowing that their careers are safe from extensive bank manipulation.

Inferno pay will launch its first decentralized fan platform on 9-15-2021, a website similar to Onlyfans that accepts cryptocurrency only. With big banks out of the way, creators on All 4 Fans will pay zero fees, keeping 100% of profits.

The latest innovation for content creators

Inferno Pay has also developed a program on that allows content creators to mint their content with a few clicks to an NFT, protecting intellectual property from theft and abuse. The Inferno pay open-source API will be available on any platform that wishes to use the technology for free.

A spokesman for Inferno Pay said on Monday that although the transition from fiat to cryptocurrency will take some getting used to, he feels that mass adoption of the API is inevitable.

Inferno Pay has massive backing in this industry. Many stars have become brand ambassadors, to mention a few. The company has also announced the first live cam website to take cryptocurrency only as payment. One of the significant issues Inferno Pay was facing was recurring payments. They have since solved the problem by giving customers the ability to load their accounts with funds to be withdrawn automatically on each billing cycle.

The thing is, many subscribers sign up for multiple websites and somehow lose track of recurring payments. With the adoption of cryptocurrency on these platforms, customers will be able to monitor spending habits better.

Inferno pay has partnered up with multiple platforms that are paying close attention to the launch of Web admins are ready to jump on board if the initiative proves to be a success. The company said they have multiple big announcements coming in the next few months.

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