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The Connecticut-based real estate professional is excited to call the public’s attention to some prestigious and major additions to his primary online platforms.

GREENWICH, CT / ACCESSWIRE / September 3, 2021 / It is with great enthusiasm that real estate professional Jonathan Weiss announces that a substantial amount of new, original, informative content has been posted to his professional website and YouTube channel. The new content takes the form of various kinds of multimedia, ranging from articles to videos to blog entries.

To begin with, in an article featured prominently on the homepage of his professional website, Jonathan Weiss collaborates with journalist Jimmy Bell to craft a thought-provoking essay on how the spread of COVID-19 has prompted a re-thinking of education from a more global perspective. In it, Jonathan and his co-author outline how the pandemic has acted as something of an equalizer for students across the world, citing the increased awareness of worldwide challenges, and calling for sustained global unity. But it isn’t simply a matter of finding the pandemic’s silver lining, the essay claims, noting that there are practical reasons why global education ought to be promoted, as well. “Millions of jobs are connected to international trade and employers are constantly seeking out graduates with multicultural skills,” Jonathan asserts, adding, “Their exposure to global education provides them with relevant advantageous qualities because they have learned about a wide range of people, cultures, and perspectives.” Published by a respected online news aggregator, the essay is entitled Jonathan Weiss Discusses the Importance of Global Education, and can be found here.

With regards to his YouTube channel, Jonathan Weiss has recently uploaded a new video entitled What Does the Biden Administration Mean For Commercial Real Estate? In it, Jonathan describes how real estate markets are reacting with cautious optimism to the new administration, hoping that Joe Biden and his cabinet will act as a stabilizing and moderate force after the tumultuous Trump years. Although Jonathan is careful to give credit to the previous administration for some aspects of its economic policies, he underscores how its inconsistent policies regarding the pandemic served to instill fear in American consumers, and ultimately undermine the commercial real estate market. He also details how the overall tax plan endorsed by Democrats significantly differs from the plan endorsed by Republicans, as well as the possible benefits and consequences of each.

But these are only two examples among many in the plethora of original content recently released by Jonathan Weiss. Some other instances of new content include entries in Jonathan’s blog that deal with a wide variety of issues and current events, and feature titles such as Manhattan Residential Sales in March Soared to Highest Level in 14 Years, Jonathan Weiss Shares the Top 5 Things to Help Improve Your Home Office, and Jonathan Weiss Unveils Sports Psychology Exercise Tips. Additionally, an in-depth interview with Jonathan conducted by a noted online periodical that specializes in matters relating to digital media and new technology is also available for the enjoyment and edification of the general public. All of these pieces are easily accessible via links in Jonathan’s website.

Anyone curious to learn more about Jonathan Weiss is encouraged to visit his professional website and his YouTube channel to explore the exciting, new content for themselves.

About Jonathan Weiss:

Jonathan Weiss is a real estate professional with a wide variety of interests. Originally born in New York City, his family transplanted themselves to Greenwich, Connecticut when Jonathan was only nine years old. His first passion in life was sports. After dabbling in a few others, Jonathan Weiss settled on baseball, which he excelled at, and became his primary focus throughout adolescence and early adulthood. His natural ability for the game resulted in multiple college baseball programs scouting him for recruitment. During his freshman year, Jonathan played ball for Boston College before transferring to Tulane for the next three years, and finally completing his college career at Cornell. Although he studied psychology at all these institutions, playing baseball remained his principal pursuit. Unfortunately, a serious game day injury sidelined him for an entire season, and eventually prompted multiple shoulder surgeries that put an end to his prospects of playing competitive baseball.

Upon graduating from college, Jonathan Weiss experimented with a few career paths in order to figure out his raison d’être. For a time, he contemplated earning a medical degree. After deciding against that, he went to work for a hedge fund. When that failed to capture his interest, he dabbled in the field of personal fitness, which was another non-starter. Finally, he tried his hand at real estate, fell in love with the industry, and has not since looked back. Jonathan Weiss has been involved in the real estate business for more than five years now, succeeding in various positions across multiple companies. He made the difficult decision to leave his last firm, Red Sky Capital, in order to complete a master’s degree in Real Estate Finance and Investment from New York University, a task which he completed in 2020.

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