Michael Kane (Boral Ret.) Shares Some Strategies To Grow Your Business

NAPLES, FL/ ACCESSWIRE / September 3, 2021 / Michael Kane (Boral Ret.) explains some business growth strategies.

1. Build a sales funnel

Michael Kane Boral says that you need to build a sales funnel to grow your business in no time. With a sales funnel, you can automate your start-up or existing business and grow fast. But before you create your sales funnel, it’s critical to develop a clear idea about what it will look like. For example, will it be a cross-sell funnel, a free sample funnel, etc.?

2. Use a customer management system

Your business can scale within a short time if you automate transactions by using a customer management system. Michael Kane Boral adds that you can try cloud-based software like Salesforce or any that can suit your business needs. In addition, accounting and sales, and marketing software are handy for growing your business pretty fast.

3. Research the competition

As Michael Kane Boral notes, it’s also crucial to understand your competitors to help you develop winning strategies for your business. You can use some tools, like Similar Web, and other relevant ones, for instance. Analyzing your competitors will assist you with creating a compelling copy for your ads, landing pages, and different funnel stages.

4. Create a customer loyalty program

According to Michael Kane (Boral Ret.) another way to grow your business is by offering customer loyalty programs. Loyalty programs can boost your sales. Note that getting new customers costs more money than keeping existing customers. So, it makes sense to build a customer loyalty incentive to retain your existing buyers and attract new ones, Michael Kane Boral says.

5. Identify new opportunities

You can also scale up your business quickly by exploring new opportunities in new markets. First, understand your customers’ demographics, examine direct competitors, foreign markets, etc. By doing this, you can discover plenty of business opportunities, according to Michael Kane (Boral Ret.).

6. Develop strategic partnerships

Michael Kane (Boral Ret.) says that forming strategic partnerships with other companies can grow your business quickly. You can tap into a vast customer base. But getting companies to work with can take some time. Be sure to seek partnerships with businesses aligning with your objectives and that can complement your efforts.

Michael Kane (Boral Ret.) is an executive with over 47 years of experience running multiple global building products and material businesses. Michael Kane Boral has steered startup companies to success, including cement, polymer, roofing, gypsum, asphalt, insulation, sidings, and more. His manufacturing and sales team leadership has spread to North America, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Australia, and Asia/Pacific.

Currently, Michael Kane Boral is in retirement.


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