Monsters Clan – The Play To Earn NFT Game Closes Investment Rounds

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / September 6, 2021 / The ultimate purpose of playing games has always been having fun and chill. Nowadays, playing games is more than just fun, lots of gamers are earning from games as well. Introducing Monsters Clan, a first ever third person NFT game allowing users to own and fight their monsters in challenging battle modes to earn.

Monsters Clan strategic and seed sale round of $MONS was oversubscribed and have both now closed. Investors include X21 Digital, GD10 Ventures, AU21 Capital, OIG, IR21, and numerous others.

Why Monsters Clan? Having this new game added into the NFT space is about to bring more control to gamers to buy and play their NFT characters in a game to fight and earn.

NFT is one of the hottest trends in the Crypto market right now. During the first half of 2021, NFTs sales surged upto $2.5 billion which is all time high. NFTs are revolutionizing the whole mechanism of playing video games, now players have the power to buy and sell their in-game items whenever they want. Besides using items in games, gamers now can trade their game items on any NFT marketplace as well.

Monsters Clan is all about Monsters, their special feed, unique lifestyle and battles. Everyone can own a monster and make it ready to battle in different fights and tournaments. In Monsters Clan, one has freedom to take the game in his hands as per his strategy. Monsters Clan allows gamers to collect, feed, trade, and fight their monsters to grow and earn in the game. Earning and having fun together has never been this much smart as it is going to be with Monsters Clan.

For the first time ever, Monsters Clan introduced ‘Rent NFTs‘ feature for all NFT and game lovers. Players can either put their NFT items on rent to have passive income or pay someone to have any NFT on rent through Monsters Clan marketplace. That’s how everyone will be able to utilize NFTs, if one couldn’t afford to buy, he could simply pay to have NFT on rent. An efficient $MONS governance model makes Monsters Clan a reliable and safe game project for every investor and gamer. Monsters Clan team having blockchain experts and professionals gearing up to take this NFT game project to new heights.

Team Monsters Clan has successfully raised $700,000 in seed round and $650,000 in strategic sale round of $MONS. Now the IGO of Monsters Clan $MONS is scheduled to launch on three launchpads: Seedify, Prostarter, and Red Kite. Monsters Clan $MONS IGO and listing date is 15th September, 2021.

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