OneLogin Automates Advanced Identity Lifecycle Management Processes, Provides “Any-to-Any” Connectivity with Robust Integrations

New Offerings Streamline Workflows and Reduce Security Risks for Onboarding and Offboarding

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OneLogin, a global leader in Identity and Access Management (IAM), today announced the availability of its OneLogin Workflows and Universal Connector solutions, allowing IT teams to automate complex identity lifecycle management processes and enable robust integrations across the cloud and on-prem systems. By automating IT workflows and reducing the complexity of integration projects, tech leaders can streamline their internal processes, decrease management costs, and minimize their security risk.

For most organizations, onboarding and offboarding is one of the most challenging and resource-intensive processes. Manual processes are not secure and leave opportunities for terminated users to access sensitive data. By empowering IT teams to automatically assign specific actions, such as transfer of files to manager when an employee leaves the company, users can be immediately offboarded across all of the appropriate systems and applications.

Tom Harrison, Senior Engineering Manager at Together Labs (formerly FKA IMVU), said, “The offboarding process we were using prior to OneLogin resulted in errors that posed a potential risk due to lingering access. We were looking for a more reliable solution that could be implemented quickly—and OneLogin delivered. With OneLogin Workflows, we can ensure data consistency and security across applications, saving our team many hours of manual work, while also reducing risk.”

“We don’t have to worry about a terminated user gaining access to sensitive files and know that we were able to shut down their access completely. Thanks to OneLogin, we are looking to integrate more systems and workflows with confidence in the near future,” Harrison added.

OneLogin Workflows and Universal Connector enables more robust integrations and automates advanced lifecycle management processes across cloud and on-prem systems without requiring additional developer resources. This no-code/low-code approach empowers organizations to continue to drive innovation, decrease management costs, and reduce the risk of a breach, while providing a unified user experience across different applications.

“OneLogin’s Universal Connector was chosen because it enabled the organization to have an automated onboarding and termination process, immediately increasing its Cyber Security posture by allowing near real-time account provisioning and termination driven by Human Resources,” explained Christopher Wallace, Chief Information Officer at BHcare.

OneLogin Workflows is a powerful way to automate more complex identity lifecycle management use cases, like custom provisioning, time-based actions, and custom notifications. This ensures that the right access is granted to the right users at the right time, while also empowering IT & Security leaders to gain the visibility they need into processes across their entire ecosystems.

OneLogin’s Universal Connector helps admins integrate with any directory source and provision a user to any target application in order to streamline IT processes like onboarding and offboarding, across systems. By automatically synchronizing user data across multiple directories and applications, admins can accelerate and reduce inaccuracies for different IT workflows.

“To keep up with the evolving needs of today’s business landscape, organizations must continue to adopt new applications and services, which creates a complex environment for IT teams to manage and secure. Relying on manual processes and building custom integrations is not only time-consuming and expensive to maintain, but it is also not scalable as a business grows,” said Damon Dean, Chief Product Officer, OneLogin.

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