Rajant and NEVIL announce strategic partnership around teleoperation for dozing and heavy equipment

Rajant Kinetic Mesh Wireless Optimizing IIoT Safety and Efficiency with Remote Control

Malvern, PA – September 10, 2021: Rajant Corporation, the provider of Kinetic Mesh® wireless networks, and NEVIL ELETRO MECANICA of Brazil are improving safety and efficiency with teleoperation for dozing and heavy equipment. At the upcoming MINExpo in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Rajant and NEVIL will share success stories of deployments in iron ore mines in Brazil and demonstrate the collaborative solution for mining. The strategic partners can be found in North Hall at Booth 1261-N, September 13th to 15th. Email meeting interest to MINExpo@rajant.com.

“Separating people from the risks and adversities inherent to mine site work areas is paramount,” says NEVIL’s CEO Fabio Neves. “Rajant enables reliable and redundant connectivity to NEVIL’s teleoperation software and controls, making possible one operator to control multiple dozers, excavators, loaders, and trucks simultaneously. Mining personnel are conducting heavy equipment operations from remote operation areas with consistency, efficiency, productivity, and safety.”

“Scalability is a shared capability between Rajant and NEVIL,” adds Rajant VP of Sales, Americas, Sagar Chandra. “As location landscape, environment, and conditions change, Rajant and NEVIL dynamically adapt to flex with customer’s mission-critical teleoperations, autonomy, and mobility demands. As Rajant’s unique Kinetic Mesh BreadCrumbs® with InstaMesh® scale and expand, connectivity strengthens across the mine site. Communication of voice, video, and data is delivered with high bandwidth, low latency, and security. One such success story was done by Rajant distributor SiTech Brazil and the simultaneous teleoperation of seventeen heavy construction units.”

Deployed in more than 230 of the largest open-pit and underground mines globally, Rajant pioneered fully mobile V2X/M2M and has a heritage of maintaining interoperability with existing BreadCrumb wireless nodes with new product releases. Working with NEVIL is just one interoperability partnership on display at MINExpo. Live video/voice demonstrations and partner interviews will run daily. They will include Rajant, Boston Dynamics, NEVIL, Overwatch Aero, Vorbeck, and xCraft.


NEVIL is based in Brazil. Its goal is to reduce the number of people involved in high-risk operations. With the Nevil LIFEcom remote operation system, customers are able to carry out operations remotely without the involvement of operators in hazardous areas to save lives. The Nevil LIFEcom remote cab is applicable to any machine or truck from any manufacturer, allowing the removal of operators from classified areas in the steel industry, demolitions, and dismantling of dams with risk factors of temperature, dust, noise, gases, and landslides. Currently, some operations have more than 20 pieces of equipment on the same site being operated remotely, carrying out the work efficiently with some local operations and others with operators more than 20 km away from the teleoperated equipment – an important step towards optimizing resources, safety, and productivity, as there are no more losses with displacement, changing rooms, and long stops due to weather warnings.

About Rajant Corporation
Rajant Corporation is the broadband communications technology company that invented Kinetic Mesh® networking, BreadCrumb® wireless nodes, and InstaMesh® networking software. With Rajant, customers can rapidly deploy a highly adaptable and scalable network that leverages the power of real-time data to deliver on-demand, mission-critical business intelligence. A low-latency, high-throughput, and secure solution for a variety of data, voice, video, and autonomous applications, Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh networks provide industrial customers with full mobility, allowing them to take their private network applications and data anywhere. With successful deployments in more than 65 countries for customers in military, mining, ports, rail, oil & gas, petrochemical plants, municipalities, and agriculture. Rajant is headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania, with additional facilities and offices in Arizona and Kentucky. For more information, visit Rajant.com or follow Rajant on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Source: RealWire

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