Refinance Your Home and Pay Off Debt with Jason Anbara of Mortgage Approvals Ottawa Team

OTTAWA, ON / ACCESSWIRE / September 22, 2021 / There has never been a better time to refinance your home, but did you know you can also pay off debt while you do it? More and more people are taking advantage of today’s record-low mortgage rates to pay off outstanding debt. Here’s why you should, too.

How do you refinance and pay off debt?

Through equity. If you have owned your home for 2 years or more, you’ve likely built some equity. This automatically enters you into a group of people who hold an advantage when it comes to paying off any debts.

From credit card debt to personal loans and car loans, the equity in your home allows you to pull money out and pay those debts that have been burdening you for far too long.

What is the refinancing process?

Refinancing your home replaces your current loan with a new one. There are a few reasons why people choose to refinance:

  • To the reduce the interest rate
  • To pay off the loan faster
  • To decrease monthly payments
  • To take out equity

When you choose to take out equity to refinance your home, you’ll work with a lender to refinance up to 80% of its value. Based on the appraised value, mortgage brokers can determine what the loan amount would be and how much you want to take.

If you’ve got debt and at least 2 years of equity, you have the opportunity to tackle any debt that has been weighing on your shoulders. Start releasing the burden by speaking with an expert.

Refinance Your Home with Mortgage Broker Jason Anbara

Jason Anbara started in the finance industry in 2006. Credit card industry. Started as a mortgage broker in 2011. In 2015, he decided it was time to step out of his comfort zone and work for the client, not for the bank.

He founded Mortgage Approvals Ottawa Team, the No. 1 Mortgage Alliance Broker in Canada. The mortgage approval company offers financing, private lending, alternative lending and more. He specializes in self-employed individuals.

With his team of 60 agents under his leadership, Jason works with clients to save them time and money by getting the right mortgage for their unique situation.

Are you ready to maximize your financial opportunities? Contact Jason Anbara today.


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