Spiff Tops Eight G2 Fall Reports

Redefining sales commissions for enterprises and mid-market business, Spiff named leader in two-thirds of G2’s fall sales compensation reports

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#commission–Spiff, the leading sales commission software for forward-thinking revenue and sales organizations, was named the leader in eight Fall Sales Compensation reports by G2.com, the largest software marketplace and review platform, quadrupling the number of reports it led in last spring. The company also improved its performance in G2.com’s Sales Performance Management report and, in total, appeared in 31 Fall reports, most notably claiming the number spot in the Overall Sales Compensation report.

“Businesses have had it with the traditional and antiquated ways of managing sales commissions. Spreadsheets no longer cut it because of how complex today’s sales organizations are,” Jeron Paul, CEO and Founder, Spiff, said. “They can’t manage the human element of variable compensation. Finance leaders we work with are sick and tired of being seen as the bad guys with sales leaders – whose frustration with the manual ways of managing people’s variable pay is warranted – and are eager for innovations that will cut down on the time and headaches that come with managing sales commissions. Our success in the latest G2.com reports is another indicator that businesses are ready to automate this process and bring humanity back to it.”

The eight reports Spiff was named a leader in are: Enterprise Relationship Index for Sales Compensation; Mid-Market Grid® Report for Sales Compensation; Mid-Market Implementation Index for Sales Compensation; Mid-Market Relationship Index for Sales Compensation; Mid-Market Results Index for Sales Compensation | Fall 2021; Grid® Report for Sales Compensation; Momentum Grid® Report for Sales Compensation; and Small-Business Grid® Report for Sales Compensation.

“We did a head to head comparison with other commission systems, including the long term ‘leader.’ Hands down Spiff had more flexibility for commission rules as well as a strong online presence to support our sales team,” said a vice president of sales operations at an enterprise company. “As the product has matured, they’ve added reporting and other capabilities that have increased the product’s value to us.”

Spiff, which announced $46 Million in new funding in June, recently announced new analytics and reporting tools that provide seamless workflows and time savings, putting transparency and trust back into the commissions process.

“I am not sure what is better, the product, the onboarding team, or the ongoing support. All are best in class and greatly appreciated by our organization,” said a VP of sales at a mid-market company. “I want to give a big shout out to the team from an onboarding perspective. I have implemented numerous other similar commission reporting softwares, and I have never experienced the support and expertise anywhere like I got with Spiff.”

About Spiff

Spiff is a new class of software that creates trust across the organization by delivering real-time automation of commission calculations and motivates teams to drive top-line growth. With a combination of an intuitive UI, real-time visibility, and seamless integrations into current systems, Spiff is the first choice among high-growth businesses. Spiff’s sales compensation platform enables finance and sales operations teams to self-manage complex incentive compensation plans and provides transparency for sales teams.


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