Zyxel Multi-Gigabit Unmanaged Switches Unlock Bandwidth to Optimize Performance of Advanced Network Devices and Applications

Plug-and-Play Five- and Eight-Port Unmanaged Switches Instantly Upgrade Ethernet to 2.5 Gbps Speeds Without Need to Upgrade Existing Network Cables

ANAHEIM, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#EthernetZyxel Networks, a leader in delivering secure, AI- and cloud-powered business and home networking solutions, is bringing multi-gigabit Ethernet connectivity to home and SOHO networks with the launch of MG-105 5-Port 2.5GbE Unmanaged Switch and MG-108 8-Port 2.5GbE Unmanaged Switch. Zyxel MG-105 and MG-108 switches enable users to easily upgrade their Ethernet networks to provide a high-speed 2.5 Gbps connection that maximizes the performance of high-bandwidth network devices such as WiFi 6 routers, network attached storage (NAS), and laptops or gaming PCs running at 2.5G speed.

Designed for use on a desktop or wall-mountable for maximum versatility, MG-105 and MG-108 Multi-Gigabit Switches provide the bandwidth and speed required by advanced applications in the home and SOHO environment such as online gaming, multimedia streaming, and large file transfers. The new switches provide an out-of-the-box network speed upgrade that delivers the high bandwidth required to enjoy the full wireless connectivity speeds delivered by WiFi 6 technology.

Benefits of MG-105 and MG-108 Multi-Gigabit Switches

  • Upgrade Existing Networks to Multi-Gigabit Speeds – Each of the five (MG-105) and eight (MG-108) 2.5 Gbps ports optimizes performance of the connected device with auto-negotiation up to multi-gigabit bandwidth (100 Mbps/1 Gbps/2.5 Gbps). Total switching capacity up to 25 Gbps (MG-105) and 40 Gbps (MG-108) makes the switches ideal solutions for high-bandwidth entertainment applications and increasing SOHO network efficiency.
  • Plug-and-Play 2.5G Connectivity – Simplified plug-and-play technology enables users to easily connect MG-105 or MG-108 to the latest 2.5G-capable network devices and instantly enjoy high-performance networking and a smoother home entertainment experience.
  • Use Existing Ethernet Cables – Multi-gigabit RJ-45 ports enable users to increase the speed of the Ethernet network from 1Gbps to 2.5Gbps instantly without the need to replace existing cables.
  • Fanless Design –MG-105 and MG-108 feature a fanless and sturdy hardware design to ensure silent and stable operation, making them ideal for deployment in any home or business environment.

“The pandemic has significantly changed the ways in which people utilize the networks in home and SOHO environments in both the sheer number of devices on the network and the types of advanced applications that are now being used on the network,” explained Shawn Rogers, Market Development Manager at Zyxel Networks. “The exponential adoption of streaming media coupled with an increasing number of people working from home is creating an unprecedented demand on the network for more bandwidth and faster speeds to support advanced consumer and business applications. Our new multi-gigabit switches remove the bandwidth bottlenecks that can keep users from realizing the full capabilities and performance of advanced network devices and the applications that run through them.”

Zyxel has also launched two new PoE injectors, PoE12-30W 2.5G PoE+ Injector and PoE12-60W 5G PoE++ Injector. The new PoE injectors deliver the advanced speeds and higher power requirements required for the deployment of WiFi 6 networks. PoE12-30W provides up to 30W power budget with 2.5 Gbps Ethernet connectivity and PoE12-60W delivers up to 60W power budget with 5 Gbps Ethernet connectivity.

Zyxel MG-105 5-Port 2.5GbE Unmanaged Switch and MG-108 8-Port 2.5GbE Unmanaged Switch each carry five-year warranties and are available now through all Zyxel authorized resellers and e-commerce partners at a street prices of $109.99 USD and $169.99 USD, respectively.

For more information about Zyxel and its connectivity solutions, visit www.zyxel.com/us and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Zyxel:

Since their first day in business over 30 years ago, Zyxel has kept business and home users online with a focus on innovation and customer-centric service. In 1989, this was accomplished with analog modems. Today, the company combines the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) and the cloud to deliver rapid, reliable, and secure networking solutions for business and home users.

Zyxel is a global force in the communications market with an unrivaled international presence that includes:

– 150 markets served

– 1,000,000 businesses working smarter with Zyxel solutions

– 100 million devices creating global connections

We’re building the networks of tomorrow, unlocking potential, and meeting the needs of the modern workplace—powering people at work, play, and life.


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