360° Mounting: Reader with a Special Twist

Elatec Receives Patent for USB Rotary Connector

Munich – Elatec’s TWN4 USB Front Reader makes it easy to retrofit authentication solutions with a plug & play solution. Elatec has now been granted a patent in Europe and the USA for the reader’s USB rotary connector. This enables a unique 360° mounting of the reader. With this extraordinary solution, the company once again demonstrates its innovation and customer orientation.

A USB interface is all that is needed for fast, easy set-up of authentication solutions for applications such as secure printing or single sign-on. The TWN4 USB Front Reader from Elatec can simply be plugged into any device. Plug & play set-up also works when space is tight, for example, due to structural conditions or proximity to other devices. This is because the RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) reader is equipped with a patented USB rotary connector, the only one on the market that allows 360° mounting. This means that the extremely compact reader (with dimensions of just 60 mm x 39 mm x 16.5 mm) can fit anywhere.

In addition, the TWN4 USB Front Reader has another USB port on the front. This means that a port is available even after the reader has been installed. The USB interface passes the signal through the externally connected device.

As the world’s leading provider of user authentication and identification solutions, Elatec continuously invests in development and research. “Our goal is to offer our customers and partners innovative products and future-proof solutions. In doing so, we are creative down to the last detail, as the patent for the USB rotary connector shows,” explains Matthias Zelený, Development Engineer at Elatec.

TWN4 USB Front Reader: Powerful Retrofit Reader
The TWN4 USB Front Reader is ideally suited for secure printing applications and for authentication on computers, machines or medical devices. It supports all common RFID standards worldwide in the 125 and 134.2 kHz frequency as well as the 13.56 MHz band. With BLE (Bluetooth® Low Energy) and NFC (Near Field Communication), mobile identification and wallet solutions for iPhones and Android smartphones can also be supported.

A powerful software development package provides all the necessary tools to write apps that run directly on the reader—for example, to use the complementary Bluetooth functionality. The TWN4 USB Front Reader supports fast, centralized (re)configuration via a network or, alternatively, at the reader via radio interface with the TWN4 CONFIG Card. If the customer’s infrastructure is suitable, the complete firmware can also be updated in the field. If required, the card reader can communicate with the device on which it is installed using AES128 encryption. The reader also has an on-board Secure Access Module (SAM) slot.

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Caption: The USB rotary connector enables a unique 360° mounting of the reader.

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About Elatec
Elatec is a leading global provider of user authentication and identification solutions. Together with its global partners, the company develops innovative and future-proof RFID systems for its customers, combining contactless (RFID, NFC, Bluetooth) and contact (smartcard) technologies. With the interplay of pioneering multi-frequency readers, advanced authentication software and first-class service and support, Elatec is driving the digital transformation of its customers and partners. The breakthrough solutions that result ensure an optimal user experience and are used in a wide range of applications and industries where secure and convenient access is required – including access control, fleet management, machine authentication, electric vehicle charging, secure printing, kiosks and more. Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Munich, Germany, the company is now represented at 19 locations worldwide.

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