Aktana Launches Contextual Intelligence 360 to Solve the Challenge of Personalizing Customer Engagement at Scale

New Solution Serves as the Intelligence Command Center for Life Sciences Commercial and Medical Teams

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aktana, the leader in intelligent customer engagement for the global life sciences industry, today announced Contextual Intelligence 360, a new, modular solution that enables commercial teams to rapidly scale AI-driven programs that personalize the customer experience, coordinate engagement and optimize the entire customer journey across channels.

Contextual Intelligence 360 builds on Aktana’s legacy AI strength in sales channel optimization to bring the same level of machine learning precision and contextual insights to all commercial activities. The solution can be configured to each brand’s unique strategy, incorporates any data or AI model, and can quickly extend across teams, franchises and regions. As part of the Contextual Intelligence 360 vision, commercial and medical teams will be able to expertly coordinate all of their interactions across the entire workflow from a single user interface.

Life sciences companies have been struggling to fit the pieces of the omnichannel puzzle together for more than a decade, even with continued advancement in AI and machine learning technologies. Data quality, vendor complexity, and change management challenges have challenged global rollouts. Now, as the use of digital is skyrocketing and HCPs are time-constrained like never before, coordinated omnichannel engagement with HCPs is crucial for success.

“One of our goals is to create meaningful and relevant interactions with physicians to support them in prioritizing patient care and taking into consideration their preferences,” said Quentin Lepont, global head of customer excellence & operations at Biogen. “We are upgrading our digital infrastructure with scalable artificial intelligence solutions and we are pleased to collaborate with Aktana on innovative programs to enable our teams to deliver personalized, coordinated experiences for our customers globally.”

Aktana’s Contextual Intelligence 360 includes the following components:

  • HCP Engagement AI – Pre-built machine learning modules dynamically identify individual customer preferences across content, channel, and timing. Rich context and clear explanations accompany every next-best-action recommendation to build user trust and drive adoption.
  • Commercial Team Empowerment Suite – Products and capabilities that provide AI-driven guidance and deep insights to brand leads, analytics teams, marketers, district managers, sales reps, hybrid reps and medical teams. With shared visibility into each HCP’s interaction history plus integrated workflow tools, companies can leverage the power of a coordinated team to deliver a better customer experience.
  • Customer Journey Management – An intuitive journey creation tool and the industry’s largest library of pre-defined customer journeys and commercial workflows enable commercial teams to quickly plan and deploy dynamic programs that meet both short- and long-term strategic goals.
  • Contextual Intelligence Engine 2.0 – An AI-driven optimization engine that finds the best combination of all possible actions, in all channels, and by all team members to create compelling omnichannel experiences for each physician. With transparency on the logic behind suggestions, users understand the necessary trade-offs to reconcile business strategy with organizational constraints.
  • Open Platform – A highly configurable platform that connects the commercial tech stack and integrates with any data source, analytics model and third-party system to allow companies to embed intelligence across a unified omnichannel ecosystem. Organizations can start small or launch in multiple countries at once using a common regional instance.

“The life sciences industry is at a critical inflection point: Coordinate personal engagement with HCPs, or lose their trust,” said Derek Choy, president at Aktana. “Our latest innovations, such as AI-driven optimization, allow companies of all sizes to achieve their omnichannel goals and form long-term relationships with physicians, ushering in a whole new generation of software that applies AI in a way that is contextual, flexible and transparent.”

Contextual Intelligence 360 will be available globally in November 2021. Learn more at Aktana’s upcoming webinar on November 10th, 2021. Details to follow on aktana.com.

In other news today, Aktana announced the launch of its next-generation Contextual Intelligence Engine.

About Aktana
Aktana is the category creator and leader of intelligent engagement in the global life sciences industry. By ensuring that every customer experience is tailored to individual preferences and needs, Aktana helps life science companies strengthen their relationships with healthcare providers to inspire better patient care. Today, commercial and medical teams from nearly 300 brands use Aktana’s AI-enabled Contextual Intelligence Engine to coordinate and optimize personalized omnichannel engagement at scale. More than half of the top-20 global pharmaceutical companies are Aktana customers. Headquartered in San Francisco, Aktana has offices in every major biopharma region around the world. For more information, visit www.aktana.com.

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