Aktana Launches Next Generation of its Contextual Intelligence Engine to Accelerate Enterprise-Wide AI Adoption

New Engine Integrates All Sources of Insight and Uses Transparent AI to Overcome Barriers to Scale

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aktana, the leader in intelligent customer engagement for the global life sciences industry, today announced its Contextual Intelligence Engine (CIE) 2.0. The upgraded version of the CIE is designed specifically for two of the most urgent needs in life sciences commercial operations today: omnichannel optimization and AI flexibility. Contextual Intelligence Engine 2.0 can work with any number of analytical models simultaneously to find the best combination of all possible activities, in all channels, by all members of the commercial team.

Users receive intuitive guidance to coordinate personalized experiences for healthcare professionals (HCPs) accompanied by relevant context on the logic behind each suggestion and the most recent omnichannel engagement with that HCP. In addition to end-user outputs, management users can analyze outputs across all channels (both personal and non-personal) to understand what trade-offs the CIE is making.

“Our customers have invested heavily in advanced analytics and new promotional channels over the last 18 months, but have almost universally told us that they’re struggling to pull these investments together in a strategic, harmonious way,” said Matthew van Wingerden, vice president of product management at Aktana. “With CIE 2.0, organizations can bring together all of their data and insights—whether it be a dynamic audience selection model developed in-house, AI-derived HCP engagement preferences from Aktana, or any number of other inputs—to transparently solve for maximum commercial impact.”

The challenge of integrating the many sources of insight within an organization, coupled with the “black box” nature of many next best action solutions, has hindered the adoption and scalability of AI in commercial life sciences. CIE 2.0 removes these limitations ​​with a modular architecture, transparency around every recommendation, and a dynamic approach that filters AI-driven suggestions with expert guidance to ensure outputs make sense in the real world.

“Aktana’s approach of working at the pace and scale of our business has allowed us to implement solutions that have immediate value,” says Greg Carpenter of Sanofi. “Our partnership has allowed me to demonstrate that digital transformation is possible when you work with a team like Aktana that has experience delivering advanced analytic solutions but also prioritizes the specific needs of their customers versus simply selling technology.”

CIE 2.0 is the central technology powering Aktana’s latest offering, Contextual Intelligence 360, which was also announced today.

Learn more at Aktana’s upcoming webinar on November 10th, 2021. Details to follow on aktana.com.

About Aktana
Aktana is the category creator and leader of intelligent engagement in the global life sciences industry. By ensuring that every customer experience is tailored to individual preferences and needs, Aktana helps life science companies strengthen their relationships with healthcare providers to inspire better patient care. Today, commercial and medical teams from nearly 300 brands use Aktana’s AI-enabled Contextual Intelligence Engine to coordinate and optimize personalized omnichannel engagement at scale. More than half of the top-20 global pharmaceutical companies are Aktana customers. Headquartered in San Francisco, Aktana has offices in every major biopharma region around the world. For more information, visit www.aktana.com.

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