Invent Analytics Launches Its Profit-Optimizing Retail Supply Chain Solution Suite “Omni-AI”

Omni-AI empowers retailers to profit-optimize their supply chain and delivers significant financial improvement with an integrated supply chain planning system

PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AI–Invent Analytics, a leading retail supply chain solutions provider is pleased to announce its new integrated omni-channel supply chain planning solution, Omni-AI, for retailers.

Omni-AI orchestrates a retailer’s entire supply chain by unifying network planning, inventory and price optimization, and fulfillment in one common framework. With this revolutionary supply chain planning system, retailers create a measurable omni-channel framework that also puts into place a financial infrastructure which quickly aligns their supply chain with overall company profitability.

“Today omni-channel has become the only channel for consumers, shifting retail from a linear single-channel flow into a network model of omnichannel flows. As a result, retailers started investing in transactional capabilities to fulfill that omni-channel promise. But now, we are in the third stage of omni-channel evolution. To succeed, retailers need a smart supply chain planning system to predict omni-demand, and position inventory across the retail network of stores and fulfillment centers with the anticipation of omni-flows. And that’s where Omni-AI comes into the picture.” said Gurhan Kok, Founder & CEO, Invent Analytics.

“Omni-AI unifies supply chain planning and execution with Artificial Intelligence (AI). It combines all KPIs in one metric that is omni-profit and offers a fast path to profit maximization proven with A/B tests, typically 2-6%.” he added.

With Omni-AI, retailers can successfully upgrade their planning capabilities, achieve higher forecast accuracy and efficiently manage their supply chains.

“Today, retail is all about reinventing ways to serve the customer,” said Jiri Nechleba, Retail Strategist. “In doing so, retailers have deployed new customer-facing models putting inventory into motion to leverage their value. Many have found their traditional supply chain and inventory tools fall short in profitably servicing those models. Invent Analytics’ Omni-AI – a next-generation approach to the supply chain – replaces disparate KPIs with a unified financial framework. Omni-AI is designed, from the ground up, to solve the omni-channel supply chain problem.”

About Invent Analytics

Invent Analytics delivers significant financial improvement by empowering retailers to profit-optimize their supply chain. Harnessing the power of explainable AI and adaptive analytics, Invent Analytics helps retailers solve omni-channel challenges and win in the new world of retail.

Invent Analytics puts omni-customers at the heart of its tailor-fit solutions and delivers speed to value. It proves the financial benefits with pre-go-live simulations and rigorous A/B testing.

Over 30 retailers worldwide have chosen Invent Analytics’ profit-optimizing solutions to power their inventories and supply chains. Invent Analytics’ clients have experienced a 2-6% increase in profitability, increased sales, lowered inventory, and reduced fulfillment costs. The company’s SaaS solutions offer agility and scalability to retailers and require zero capital investment due to the pay-as-you-go subscription model.

Invent Analytics’ Omni-AI SaaS solutions are:

Omni-Network Design

Omni-Plan Suite

  • Omni-Demand Forecasting
  • Omni-Store and DC Replenishment Optimization
  • Omni-Allocation Optimization
  • Omni-Transfer Optimization
  • Markdown Optimization
  • Assortment Optimization
  • Dynamic and Competitive Price Optimization


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