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“We are looking for those who want to be in the top 1% of their space, and will leverage all channels to help you achieve your goals.”

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK / ACCESSWIRE / September 30, 2021 / In today’s fast-moving world of business, competition is fierce. Any business, regardless of size, the number of employees, or type of goods and services offered, must have a digital presence if they are going to make it. This is referred to as a digital footprint and encompasses the way the brand is perceived, expressed, and represented online. Managing your brand’s digital footprint can be the difference between success and failure, many business owners learn the hard way that there is more to it than simply posting sales or funny memes on social media. Whether just starting out, or an established business, paying attention to that digital footprint is an essential element of running any business or organization.

Within today’s modern world, consumers not only expect a digital presence, but they are also more attracted to and inclined to trust a business with a digital footprint. Despite the easy access to digital marketing tools, it is a highly competitive landscape, without specific knowledge of how digital marketing truly works, businesses can find themselves having a hard time standing out in the crowd, regardless of how amazing their product or service is. When it comes to digital marketing, it is not about who you are or what you sell, it is about how you put yourself out there. JAssets Digital Marketing is a renowned, full-service digital marketing agency with premium, innovative, and flexible digital marketing services that open gateways towards prosperity and profitability with a specialized, dedicated team.

JAssets collaborates with clients to embrace building out their digital footprint by creating and managing it from the perspective of how a potential customer would see and perceive the company, educate that customer on who they are, what they do, their credibility, and the value they provide all before being met with a price tag. They assist brands in engaging on social media by having meaningful interactions with actual people and sparking good word of mouth through PR and review management.

Building up a digital footprint is the process of creating the online reputation and persona of a brand, and that is hard work. It requires the perfect unique blend of direct marketing, social media marketing, and is a constantly evolving machine. Social media is the biggest marketing platform out there, and if one does not at least have a minimal presence on it they will likely never be seen by the larger target audience that is needed to stay competitive. Having outcome-based social media campaigns is something JAssets has built their own digital reputation and footprint on, and now shares the same success-driven formula with clients.

JAssets starts with getting to know their clients and their individual brands, assessing exactly what their needs are, what their current digital footprint is, and what can be done to springboard them into a much higher level of visibility. Then, they take inventory of the tools a brand already has at their disposal, what they can add to it, and formulates a plan to move forward.

A good deal of effort is put into building up brand credibility and visibility while connecting with the target audience and larger consumer groups. Engaging the audience with high-quality content is key, JAssets is streamlined from start to finish, ready to take on every need the client has, through their unmatched PR Campaigns, Podcast Network, and Social Media Growth & Engagement services. In this digital arena, JAssets services and solutions provide companies with the finest opportunities to create a competitive advantage by dedicating their time and efforts to establish their digital footprint one step at a time.

Review Management is another pivotal area where JAssets helps businesses control their digital footprint and get a leg up on the competition. They offer full-service review management working closely with business owners to generate organic, honest customer feedback and insight to build the brand.

“In this ever-evolving digital world, brand reviews are more important than ever in the marketplace since they impact consumer purchasing decisions as well as overall brand credibility. By offering a new service to help business owners fully automate their review management as a whole, our team has managed to drastically improve business. We will take care of everything A-Z for review management on any platform (Google, Yelp, Facebook, TripAdvisor, etc.) while giving any customer a chance to be heard before posting negative reviews.” Jasper Morgue.

JAssets is highly skilled at authenticating brands and entrepreneurs by utilizing their professional understanding of social media campaigns to generate maximum coverage, engagement, and buzz. JAssets takes pride in creating great branding content that clients and their customers will love. Their team recruits those with hard-to-find skills, having a big impact that shapes their client’s online reputation, brand, online visibility, making them out to be the industry-leading authority. With over 16,000 published stories, close to 133 million digital impressions and views to date, JAssets is poised and ready to take your business and long-term success to the next level.

Jasper Morgue is the Founder and Owner of JAssets and jumped into the entrepreneurship arena after spending years feeling unfulfilled in his job in the corporate world of staffing. Jasper has seen great success, scaling the business rapidly in just about six months. Driven by a desire to help others and to break out of the traditional 9 to 5 grind, he is dedicated to empowering others to succeed in the same way he has.

“I wanted to help Coaches because they changed my life for the better and set me free from the hells of Corporate America to become an entrepreneur and better my own life. I wanted to give back and help grow their businesses in return. I truly dedicate my time as the owner of JAssets to spotlight and elevate the most amazing and impactful coaches out in the market today.” Jasper Morgue.

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