Launch of a New LGBTQIA+ Novel, Set against a Backdrop of Fame Chasing, Garners Strong Interest

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 2, 2021 / Author Sutton Tell has announced the release of her debut New Adult novel, There’s So Much I Need to Say to You, an LGBTQIA+ novel set against the backdrop of super-stardom. Tell draws upon her own experiences in the music industry to deliver a poignant, relatable story about self-discovery and the weight of dreams.

There’s So Much I Need to Say to You follows protagonist Taryn Taylor, the daughter of a legendary rock star who knows that the only thing worse than growing up in the shadow of her late father is losing her own chance in the spotlight. But she’s powerless as the lead singer of her indie band destroys everything they’ve worked so hard to accomplish, sending Taryn into a spiral of mourning both her father and her musical career.

As she struggles to keep her world from falling apart, Taryn must also navigate the complexities of the secret relationship she’s had with Shay, the band’s bassist. Taryn never wanted to fall in love, and after investing so much into reaching the limelight, she might be blinded by it. Taryn knows that high school is over, and it might be time to grow up and face the music about her future. But betrayal hovers close by, and the hurts of Taryn’s past are far from over.

Readers of any age and background will find something to enjoy in Tell’s witty coming-of-age novel. As Taryn and her band travel across the globe, There’s So Much I Need to Say to You explores themes of grief, loss, queerness, betrayal, and loyalty. Tell’s work is simultaneously an homage to the music industry and a tribute to young people embarking on the search for self and belonging.

Tell’s diverse characters are memorable, flawed, and wholly human. In a journey as much about love as it is about loss, they struggle to separate the disharmony of growing up from the melody of coming into themselves.

Tell’s vast experience in the music industry is evident in this evocative, impressive debut-every note rings true.

There’s So Much I Need to Say to You is available for purchase at Amazon in Kindle, hardcover and softcover formats.

Sutton Tell is more than a little fond of music. She spent the early years of her music career at the iconic Go-Kart Records in NYC, zigzagged across America on a tour bus, and much more. A nerd by day, novelist by night, you can check out awesome pics of her cat Marley and pug Nico on her social feeds @precariouspress or visit Tell at When not writing, she’s planning adventures with her wife Sonia and their son, Bash Bowie.

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