Lightbulb Man, Project of NFT AS, Bjarne Melgaard as the Creator

The Lightbulb Man to feature 1110 digital works of art digitally

OSLO, NORWAY / ACCESSWIRE / October 5, 2021 / Internationally renowned artist Bjarne Melgaard’s art is taking to the digital realm. In November, 1110 virtual, unique variations of his distinguished Lightbulb Man are going on sale. It’s the first project of its kind in Norway, and Melgaard’s first collaboration with the creation of a blockchain-based art collection.

Picture credit: Katinka Hustad / Morgenbladet

NFT (non-fungible token) art is fairly new – and revolutionary in the context of traditional art trade. Each piece exists digitally, and is linked to a unique NFT, meaning the artwork cannot be replicated or faked. Through a random distribution algorithm that runs after the sale closes, each buyer is matched with their artwork; their Lightbulb Man, which is unique in his own right. Random assignment dictates both the rarity of the pieces and the ownership of the pieces.

The Lightbulb Man, part of the Norwegian National Museum’s collection, took Melgaard two decades to complete, and with the NFT sale, his creative expression will be given room to expand exponentially. Every piece becomes a new observation of humanity; a new way of looking at the perforated man who stands naked and undisguised in his honesty. Melgaard is an explorer of humanity’s depths, and with 1110 unique artworks, this depth will be endless.

Heading up the project as NFT curator is serial entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast Sam Farao, who’s been an avid collector of Melgaard’s art for years. The initiative aims to set a new standard for what art is, what art trade can look like, and how democratising art procurement may be one of the best ways of making it more accessible.

Compared to other NFT art collections, with Hashmasks having been the most prominent one to date, Lightbulb Man will be a substantially more exclusive sale – but it will also be completely democratic. Anywhere in the world can buy an NFT token during the sale, which will run on an ascending pricing model. Early adopters will pay less for their Lightbulb Man purchase.

About Lightbulb Man

Lightbulb Man is a timeless project that eternalises art in digital format using blockchain technology. Bjarne Melgaard, Norway’s most celebrated and recognised artist since Edvard Munch, serves as the art’s creator and is giving life to 1110 unique Lightbulb Man pieces in the collection.

About Bjarne Melgaard

Melgaard has always been a pioneer. He pushes boundaries so far away from the norm that his works have been police reported, vandalized and censored. With the Lightbulb Man project, he continues defying the status quo, and takes on a completely new canvas for his creative expression.

To learn more about the art, the tech, and the creator, visit or contact Sam Farao.

Sam Farao
Oslo, Norway

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