Mass Luminosity Releases Teleportation Technology and Voice AI in Partnership With Picovoice

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#angelmunoz–Mass Luminosity, a global research, development and technology company, announced it has released its patented technology, Teleportation™.

Teleportation enables users of Beacon®, a next-generation audio video communication platform, to seamlessly transfer an in-progress video conference from one device to another by pressing one button, or on the upcoming premium version of Beacon, by issuing a command to its patent-pending built-in voice AI, named SAMI.™ For example, the voice command can be as simple as “transfer this call to my phone.” In two seconds or less, call participants are teleported from the original device to the smartphone associated with the account.

In an era of privacy concerns over voice-activated assistants, Beacon’s Voice AI introduces a higher standard of privacy. To pursue this higher standard, Mass Luminosity partnered with Picovoice and integrated their breakthrough technology that fits a voice AI on any device. Everything is processed on-device making it both HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

“We’ve made Beacon’s Teleportation both safe and easy, via the integration of the best wake word engine on the market, Picovoice Porcupine, to detect utterances of given wake phrases. Porcupine has been a great addition to Beacon, and offers a private, secure and seamless communication experience for our users,” said Angel Munoz, founder, president and CEO of Mass Luminosity, Inc.

SAMI will be released as part of the Beacon PLUS upgrade, scheduled to launch in October 2021. Available now is Beacon X, a free version, which allows unlimited conferencing for up to six participants. Beacon PLUS will be a premium version for up to 25 participants at $4.95/month, and Beacon MAX, will allow up to 100 participants and voice calling for $14.95/month.

“We’re passionate about building user-friendly, accurate and accessible voice solutions without sacrificing privacy. It’s been a great pleasure to share our passion with Mass Luminosity,” said Alireza Kenarsari-Anhari, CEO, Picovoice.

To view Beacon’s patented Teleportation technology and patent-pending in-call Voice AI, watch this video at

About Mass Luminosity (Creator of Beacon)

Beacon Technologies is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mass Luminosity, which was launched in 2011 as a global research, development and technology company seamlessly integrating people into augmented environments. Mass Luminosity is known for its gaming social network, GTribe, that has over five million members. Mass Luminosity is led by its founder and CEO, Angel Munoz, who joined the videogame industry in 1995 after a career in investment banking. Angel Munoz spearheaded the global esports industry by launching the world’s first professional league for video gamers. For more information, visit

About Picovoice

Picovoice is the end-to-end platform that empowers organizations to build voice interfaces and process voice data by leveraging neural networks. Thanks to its superior technology, Picovoice offers private, offline, and efficient solutions. Picovoice-enabled products run on microcontrollers, mobile, desktop, and modern web browsers. To learn about Picovoice, visit our website at


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