Modus Disrupts Sales Enablement with Next-Gen Platform that Enhances Adoption, Accelerates Deals

Delivers the highest adoption rates and value to cost ratios in the industry by focusing on simplicity

MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#buyerengagementModus, founded in 2013, as the platform that vastly simplifies sales enablement, today announced the largest product launch in company history. The upgraded platform reimagines the way businesses can effectively enable customer-facing teams by delivering the first sales enablement solution designed to optimize end-user adoption. Now, direct and indirect sellers, service professionals or content contributors will appreciate the sophisticated yet familiar user experience. Modus finally brings consumer technology trends into business applications, making them simple to use with no training required.

This next generation of Modus is fueled by more than 50 years of combined industry experience from Modus executives, who have driven over 1,000 enablement platform implementations and understand first-hand the enablement challenges sales, marketing and operations teams struggle with.

Jill Konrath, bestselling author of SNAP Selling emphasizes, “Something is wrong with the sales enablement industry. Just look at the research. CSO Insights finds that sellers only spend 1/3 of their time selling. Even worse, Forrester reports that 60-70% of content created goes completely unused. What a waste of time & effort. The victor in this space will focus on making the right content easily available for use—at the right time.”

The latest evolution of Modus delivers easier than ever access to content, buyer engagement tools and value-based analytics in a modern platform that invites adoption by cross-functional users:

  • Content Enablement: Ahead of the competition, Modus delivers a Netflix-like content streaming experience that makes content distribution, consumption and sharing not only enjoyable, but effortless. The advanced UI allows marketing, operations and enablement teams to group content, and sales teams to access and share relevant content collections with buyers.
  • Buyer Engagement: Modus delivers personalized workspaces that facilitate easy collaboration between buyers and sellers. Sellers receive activity alerts when buyers engage as well as key buyer intent data allowing them to meet buyers where they are to accelerate deals. Modus takes buyer engagement even further with the ability to add digital notes to documents that capture buyer key points and personalize the conversation.
  • Sales Effectiveness: Via the Netflix-like UI, sellers can now easily navigate to needed content and group content for in-meeting use and follow-up. Alerts notify reps of the most needed information for easy consumption, and offline access provides flexibility where connectivity is limited. Modus’s easy-to-build learning modules efficiently fit into seller workflows and reinforce competency and situational fluency that wins deals.
  • Analytics: Working with industry leading business intelligence software, Modus provides data and visualizations that allows marketing to prove content value, operations teams to prove enablement investment value and sales to prove value in their direct engagement with buyers. Above all, enhanced analytics deliver real-time insights to inform decisions about the impact of go-to-market programs, sales rep competency, and buyer engagement.

“With the shift to more self-reliant buyers, both marketing and sales will benefit from a closer relationship made stronger by a simplified enablement solution,” said Jeremy Schultz, President of Modus. “We’ve made a thoughtful decision to focus on getting the basics right and perfect a platform that invites adoption. Unlike other enablement tools out there, Modus is easy-to-implement and cost effective; it has everything you need to create engagement between sellers and buyers, and nothing you don’t.”

This announcement closely follows the addition of two key executives to the leadership team earlier in the year.

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About Modus:

Other sales enablement tools are complicated. We’re simple. Modus is here to break the sales enablement mold by solving for the unique needs of sellers and providing comprehensive, user-friendly capabilities that deliver only what they need. We didn’t cut corners, we just cut the BS – our platform capabilities are based on real user adoption rates at companies like AT&T, Caterpillar and Toro (to name a few). Modus is sales enablement, simplified.


Angie Collins-Holmes, Modus,

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