The Book the Big City of Love Captivates Readers in 2021 as It Holds a Powerful Message of Love, Self-Love and Empowerment

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 2, 2021 / Author Ron Spates continues to uplift readers with his captivating novel, The Big City of Love. His work highlights the true nature of love set against the backdrop of a unique city where everyone has a different story to tell.

The Big City of Love blends fictional and real-life elements as it follows the lives of its ensemble cast. Visitors to the Big City of Love will embark on a journey of self-reflection and forgiveness.

In The Big City of Love’s expansive world, the tree of life is the source of the city’s healing energy. It serves as an emergency room of sorts for broken hearts and all those who come to learn the true meaning of self-love. For the heartbreakers, there is The Courts of Love, a place where crimes of the heart are judged for their role in breaking the hearts of others.

When in the Big City of Love, visitors must show respect for everyone. The energy from the tree of life will heal all broken hearts, but the biggest takeaway is when they learn to truly love themselves.

The Big City of Love’s intriguing premise and relatable cast build to a satisfying conclusion that explores the real meaning of love. Fans of speculative fiction and stories with themes of self-discovery will appreciate each character’s journey to acceptance. Ron is an up-and-coming author to watch.

The Big City of Love is available for purchase on or wherever books are sold.

Ron Spates is an author, motivational speaker, and spiritual advisor with a passion for empowering others. His latest novel, The Big City of Love, promotes unity among all people all over the world through a better understanding of love and belonging. Ron attributes his success to his upbringing by a single mother and the belief that growth is at the core of greatness. Learn more about him and his book at

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