Timescale launches the new Timescale Cloud, a hosted relational database for time-series

Timescale Cloud provides a balance between the familiarity developers expect and the flexibility they need.

Built on the rock-solid foundation of PostgreSQL and TimescaleDB, Timescale Cloud makes it easy for developers to get started and be immediately productive with their time-series data.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Timescale, the creators of TimescaleDB – the category-defining relational database for time-series – announced the release of the new Timescale Cloud, the easiest and most scalable way for developers to collect and analyze their time-series data (read the blog post.) Developers rely on Timescale to measure everything that matters in their world: software applications, industrial equipment, financial markets, blockchain activity, consumer behavior, machine learning models, climate change, and more. Analyzing this data across the time dimension (so-called “time-series data”) enables organizations to understand what is happening right now and how that is changing.

“At Timescale, we enable developers to build phenomenal data-driven applications. The heart of these applications is a great database. Our core product is TimescaleDB, a purpose-built time-series database and a classic relational (PostgreSQL) database, all in one, with full SQL (not “SQL-like”) support. Developers love TimescaleDB and the community now runs over 3 million active databases per month. Timescale Cloud is the easiest and fastest way for developers to use TimescaleDB and provides a balance between a familiar developer platform and a flexible database for modern applications, while retaining the ease and scalability of modern cloud services,” said Ajay Kulkarni, Founder and CEO of Timescale.

Timescale Cloud is easy and scalable. The platform is built around a modern cloud architecture, with compute and storage fully decoupled. All storage is replicated, encrypted, and highly available: Even if the physical compute hardware fails, the storage stays online and the platform immediately spins up new compute resources, reconnects it to storage, and quickly restores availability. Users can independently resize and scale compute and storage based on their needs (and budget), or set the platform to autoscale storage with their consumption (with autoscaling compute in the works). Whenever a database’s resource configuration changes, the platform automatically re-tunes a user’s database and optimizes it for the new configuration. It’s easy to get started and scale with need.

Timescale Cloud is familiar and flexible. It allows developers to build on skills and knowledge they already have with databases. It’s full SQL (not a “SQL-like variant”), the query language they and other teams already know. It works with all the tools, connectors and ORMs, and applications they already use. And it is built on Postgres, so a developer familiar with Postgres (or relational databases, generally) will immediately understand how to use, explain, diagnose, and optimize their data models and queries on TimescaleDB. Developers can be immediately productive.

Timescale Cloud provides all the goodness of TimescaleDB, but is hosted so that managing time-series data is just one click away. It includes:

  • Decoupled compute and storage for maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness
  • Compute from 0.25 vCPU to 32 vCPU for a wide-variety of workloads
  • Storage volumes from 10GB to 16TB per compute node, all with built-in replication
  • Effective storage of 100TB+ per node, or petabyte-scale for multi-node deployments, via best-in-breed compression for 94-97% space savings
  • High availability via instant recovery at no additional cost
  • One-click database pause and resume
  • Autoscaling storage with zero downtime and configurable limits
  • Automated database configuration, yet with fine-grained power-user control
  • Automated database re-tuning, whenever resource configurations change
  • Automated data retention policies for easy data lifecycle management
  • Automated continuous aggregates to power dashboards and monitoring applications
  • Automated user-defined actions for in-database job scheduling
  • Point-in-time recovery via automated, continuous incremental backups
  • Automated, zero-downtime upgrades during maintenance windows
  • Explorer dashboard for an easy, visual in-console interface
  • Data encrypted at rest and in transit
  • Flexible role-based database access control
  • Flexible VPC peering (one-click service migrations from public, dev, test, prod VPCs)
  • Platform observability via metrics and logs
  • Database observability into internal statistics, jobs, locking, and more
  • Query observability via plan- and execution-time EXPLAINs
  • Close to 40 popular PostgreSQL extensions
  • Works with any PostgreSQL ORM, connector, or tool
  • Top-rated, highly-technical support team, available 24/7
  • Fully transparent pricing, with fine-grain pricing shown alongside all resource (re)configurations

“Our experience using Timescale Cloud has been fantastic. We’re really impressed with the core technical innovations, particularly around hypertables and compression, and it solves a lot of problems for us as we work to build aggregated and derived data sets on top of our core tables. We’re excited to see what Timescale continues to build in the future!”

– Adam Inoue, Messari (Case Study)

In the coming weeks, Timescale will run its second “Always Be Launching” month of launches. Developers can expect the following new features in Timescale Cloud this month:

  • First-class support for multi-node TimescaleDB services, with one-click, fully-managed service creation and configuration
  • New AWS regions across North America and Europe
  • One-click database forking, to easily spin up copies of your database for development, testing, and non-prod access for data science teams
  • Automated out-of-memory query protection, to eliminate service instability from run-away complex queries
  • Advanced billing features, including historical invoicing and configurable billing emails for finance departments

Timescale Cloud is available today at www.timescale.com, with plans starting at USD $24 per month (or 3¢ per hour). Customers looking for hosted TimescaleDB in Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform in over 75 regions around the world can still access Managed Service for TimescaleDB at www.timescale.com.

Note: Timescale Cloud is the new name for the product formerly known as Timescale Forge.


At Timescale, we are dedicated to serving developers worldwide, enabling them to build exceptional data-driven products that measure everything that matters: software applications, industrial equipment, financial markets, blockchain activity, consumer behavior, machine learning models, climate change, and more. Analyzing this data across the time dimension (“time-series data”) enables developers to understand what is happening right now, how that is changing, and why that is changing. Timescale develops TimescaleDB, the category-defining open-source relational database for time-series data, and offers fully-managed TimescaleDB and related database services. Timescale is a remote-first company with a global workforce and is backed by Benchmark Capital, New Enterprise Associates, Redpoint Ventures, Icon Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures, and other leading investors. For more information, visit www.timescale.com or follow @TimescaleDB.


Lucie Simeckova

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