Apifiny Partners with Etana to Enhance Regulated, Global Custody for Its Institutional Crypto Traders

Institutional Traders Can Rest Assured Their Fiat and Digital Assets Are Safe and Secure

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 3, 2021 / Apifiny, a global digital asset trading network, today announced it has partnered with leading global custody provider, Etana, to further strengthen Apifiny’s institutional-grade security and compliance by ensuring traders’ idle digital assets are safe and secure. In addition to its network of renowned partners and secure infrastructure, Etana distinguishes itself from other global custody providers via robust compliance as a Colorado-chartered trust company regulated by the Colorado Division of Banking.

Apifiny’s mission is to build a unified, global digital asset trading network. The company believes that all institutions and all traders should have access to one, global crypto trading marketplace that’s fully compliant and highly cost-effective. However, many global traders with idle digital assets do not have a regulated, secure custody solution.

Etana meets this critical need for traders (including those using Apifiny) by providing regulated, global custody solutions for G10 fiat currency pairs and digital assets, including BTC, ERC-20 and many other leading blockchain tokens. The Etana platform is integrated with a wide array of SOC-compliant wallets. Multiple security and insurance levels are available, from cold storage to advanced MPC technology, that creates cold wallet safety with the immediate trading access of a hot wallet.

“Our partnership with Etana as a market leading, regulated custodian demonstrates our continued commitment to further enhance trust and confidence throughout our trading network,” said Haohan Xu, chief executive officer of Apifiny. “Our institutional traders can have peace of mind knowing that their Apifiny digital assets are safe and secure with a highly regarded, trusted partner in Etana.”

Etana + Apifiny Connect

Apifiny Connect enables institutions to execute global, multi-exchange strategies with one account, at a lower cost than trading directly on individual exchanges, from one interface or a single set of APIs. Etana further enhances the value of Apifiny Connect by providing seamless access to a trusted custody solution, which is especially valuable when digital assets are idle.

“We are excited to deliver an enhanced custody service to Apifiny’s institutional traders,” said Brandon Rusell, chief executive officer at Etana Custody. “Apifiny shares our vision in creating a safe, secure, and regulated marketplace for institutional and retail crypto investors. As the industry evolves, we look forward to delivering institutional-grade solutions with our new partner.”

Etana’s custody solution also integrates seamlessly with Apifiny’s instant transfer of funds feature between select premier exchanges on its network, including Apifiny HEX, the company’s new class of hybrid exchange. Instant transfers enable traders to act on the best available price, exploit more arbitrage opportunities, and improve capital utilization by cutting cross-exchange transfer times from hours and minutes to just seconds.

Instant transfers significantly enhance Apifiny Connect, allowing traders to more efficiently buy and sell on 25 connected markets across six continents. Importantly, the Instant Transfer Service utilizes Apifiny’s own assets (i.e., no third-party pool capital) to enable traders to move their assets between exchanges more swiftly than through on-chain transactions.

This translates to Apifiny’s mantra: One World. One Market. One Book

  • One World: Unify trading markets across 6 continents.
  • One Market: Make trading accessible on a single, highly liquid marketplace.
  • One Book: Create a single, unified order book.

Apifiny is growing rapidly and the company’s connected exchanges include over 20 of the top 100 global digital asset exchanges by trading volume across 12 countries and 6 continents.

Apifiny connects institutional and retail digital asset traders with 25 exchange partners to help execute global trading strategies at the best global prices. Connected partners include Crypto.com, Huobi Global, OKEx, Kucoin, AscendEX, OKCoin and Blockchain.com’s Exchange among others.

About Apifiny

Apifiny is a global digital asset trading network. Apifiny HEX (Hybrid Exchange) is designed to provide institutional traders with the best of centralized and decentralized trading, including zero taker fees, global price discovery, and deep liquidity from automated market making (AMM) and 25 centralized exchangers that collectively capture the majority of global spot trading volume. Apifiny HEX will combine centralized and AMM orders into one global order book. Apifiny also allows institutions to trade directly on 25 leading exchanges through its website or a single set of APIs. The company empowers institutional traders to execute global, multi-exchange strategies and access normalized market data, tighter spreads, and higher fill rates and capital utilization. Headquartered in the Greater NYC Area, Apifiny is a regulated trading platform with institutional-grade security and compliance. For more information, visit https://www.apifiny.com/.

About Etana

Etana Custody is a regulated trust company providing institutions, exchanges, and individuals global custody, market access, and trade settlement solutions for fiat and digital assets. Etana’s industry-leading suite allows clients to manage their fiat and digital assets from a secure environment linked to many service providers. Our high compliance standards give clients peace of mind, knowing their assets will stay protected and secure. For additional information, please visit www.etana.com.


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