Armory and AWS Enable Multi-target Deployments at Enterprise Scale

Customers focus on their core competency by leveraging best-in-class capabilities from Armory and AWS

SAN MATEO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Armory, the company that specializes in deploying mission critical workloads at enterprise scale, was selected by AWS as an Amazon EKS Anywhere launch partner to provide customers operational flexibility and business agility through multi-target deployments at enterprise scale.

To manage data residency, latency, regulatory, or compliance requirements, many enterprises operate a private cloud in their own data center. NTT recently reported that 61% of enterprises are currently using a hybrid cloud and an additional 33% plan to implement a hybrid environment within the next two years. To address this trend, AWS introduced EKS Anywhere specifically to provide consistent, automated Kubernetes cluster management on customer-managed infrastructure in a hybrid cloud.

Enhancing the value of EKS Anywhere for Armory Enterprise customers and Spinnaker OSS users, the Armory Agent for Kubernetes provides a lightweight, distributed service that monitors Kubernetes clusters and streams real-time changes back to Spinnaker’s Clouddriver service. The distributed architecture of the Armory Agent for Kubernetes greatly reduces operational complexity and enables customers to scale their Spinnaker deployments to thousands of clusters and namespaces, both on-prem and in the public cloud.

Critically, EKS Anywhere and Armory Agent for Kubernetes continue and strengthen a trend of empowering customers to focus on their business rather than their infrastructure. “Our core competency is about helping users imagine, design and make,” said Shrirang Moghe, senior software architect at Autodesk, in a recent webinar. “So [we] focus on that because there are many others who are best-in-class [in what they do]…Like Amazon and Armory; they are best-in-class. You can definitely do your own prototypes and create your own deployment automation, but go with the best-in-class.”

To achieve best-in-class in a hybrid cloud environment, customers can now leverage Armory Agent for Kubernetes and Amazon EKS Anywhere to realize strong operational consistency with Amazon EKS, increase performance by up to 10x, and accelerate the onboarding of new clusters by 3x.

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About Armory

Armory simplifies progressive delivery to multiple targets at scale so application development teams can easily automate, repeat and observe deployments into production. Armory delivers this through Armory Enterprise, an enterprise-grade platform that integrates key Spinnaker OSS functionality with proprietary Armory features built through years of working with Global 1000 customers in technology, retail and entertainment. Armory Enterprise makes industry-leading deployment best practices templated, accessible and easy to implement, enabling customers to deliver software quickly, reliably and safely. Armory is also a proud sponsor of, and contributor to, the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF), the vendor-neutral home of the fastest-growing projects for continuous delivery.

Founded in 2016, Armory is funded by B Capital, Insight Partners, Crosslink Capital, Bain Capital Ventures, Mango Capital, Y Combinator and Javelin Venture Partners.

Armory is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif. Learn more at


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