Entertainers Bounce Back Stronger with Hashtag Quiz Software

PRESTON, ENGLAND / ACCESSWIRE / November 5, 2021 / The Hashtag Quiz is a hosted, browser-based quiz and bingo software as a service. Hosting may be done on a big screen or with phones linked in for a fun, interactive game. The Hashtag Quiz is used by local businesses and performers to create a fantastic experience for their visitors, helping hosts bring customers back to their bars, clubs and restaurant venues time and again.

Hashtag Quiz have announced that they have updated their software, making it even more fit for purpose. As Hashtag Quiz is integrated into many businesses, many people likely engage in more games than they realize. The back end is powered by Quiz Solutions and their Quiz API and IFrames, while the brands have a customized front end that allows them to keep bringing in revenue from returning customers.

Hashtag Quiz have shown how their software is essential in the hospitality industry. They demonstrate how DJ’s and singers can gain even more revenue using their software in hospitality settings.

Their improved software keeps visitors entertained and can even help to attract a new demographic. Hashtag Quiz delivers extra footfall and money to hosts in restaurants, clubs, hotels etc, while also keeping existing customers happy and returning. It gives visitors more to do than simply browsing on their smartphones while allowing them to connect with other customers. And it allows comedians and entertainers to keep up-to-date on their visitors’ interests.

The solution to practically any host looking for a way to keep their guests entertained is Hashtag Quiz. Hosting a fund-raising/charity event at a bar or cafe? Many organizations utilise the Hashtag Quiz platform with their stripe payment integration to charge customers to play games without losing money, and without having to chase sponsors’ cash! In this way, Hashtag Quiz helps music artists get more income from the clubs or coffee shops they hold their events in.

Hashtag Quiz have recently shown how their software is useful in a variety of sectors, including care, education and media entertainment. Their software demonstrates its usefulness to comedians and musicians at clubs and events and virtual hosts such as live streamers. From monetizing streams to a successful method of offering alternative content methods, the updated Virtual Quiz Software acts as an additional layer of interaction to bring viewers closer to their hosts and coming back every time.

Hashtag Quiz’s success has been its ability to breathe new life into the hospitality and entertainment sectors, helping artists increase revenue and retain happy customers. Hashtag Quiz can be integrated into existing marketing strategies easily, whether by simply setting up the quiz system or incorporating it into an event.

About Hashtag Quiz

Hashtag Quiz is a cloud-based quiz and bingo software as a service that you can play on your computer or mobile device. Their Interactive Quiz Software helps local musicians, singers, entertainers and performers create an unforgettable experience for their visitors, customers and guests.

The Hashtag Quiz software is an easily scalable, customizable and rugged solution for entertainers in any sector, but especially the hospitality and entertainment industry. Hashtag Quiz is revolutionizing the way hosts interact with customers at the venue, and it’s all thanks to their advanced technology.

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