GNS Healthcare and Scipher Medicine® Collaborate to Develop World’s First in silico Patient for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Partnership leverages Scipher Medicine’s proprietary patient clinico-genomic data

In silico patient models enable pharmaceutical companies to understand what disease treatments work for which patients and why

SOMERVILLE, Mass. & WALTHAM, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GNS Healthcare, an artificial intelligence company creating in silico patients that simulate drug treatment at the individual patient level, and Scipher Medicine, a precision immunology company matching patients with the most effective therapy, today announced plans to develop and launch Gemini — The in silico Patient™ for rheumatoid arthritis (RA), to help patients reach target treatments sooner.

The in silico Patient is fueled by Scipher Medicine’s rich and proprietary clinico-genomic patient data in RA, generated from PrismRA™, the company’s commercially available liquid signature blood test that predicts non-response to TNFi therapies in rheumatoid arthritis patients.

Gemini — The in silico Patient™ for RA links drug treatment to patient characteristics to the complex genetic and molecular mechanisms and pathways driving clinical outcomes, enabling the simulation of disease progression and drug response for patients. Through these simulations, Gemini discovers novel drivers of progression and treatment response to enhance clinical trial design and comparative effectiveness evidence generation for the treatment of RA.

“Simulating in silico patient models allows us to understand what treatments work for which patients and why,” said GNS SVP Corporate Development and Product Strategy, Jerome Windsor. “We aim to create a complementary approach to the traditional drug development lifecycle, for target and new biomarkers identification and clinical trial design simulation. This in silico approach allied with our precision medicine expertise will ultimately help more patients to reach their treatment targets sooner.”

“There is an urgent need for personalized medicine in rheumatology,” said Slava Akmaev, Ph.D., Scipher Medicine CTO and Head of Scipher Therapeutics. “Using new clinico-genomics data generated from rheumatoid patients and enabling in silico simulations will allow a precision medicine approach for the design of highly sophisticated and stratified clinical trials targeting specific patient subpopulations and next-generation comparative effectiveness insights or treatment sequence optimization.”

Building novel in silico models can accelerate the discovery and development of the right therapeutic options for RA, which today affects over 1.3 million Americans and as much as 1% of people worldwide.

This partnership with Scipher Medicine for RA reinforces GNS Healthcare’s world-leading position for in silico simulations and complements other models in areas such as oncology, immunology, and neurodegeneration.

About GNS Healthcare

GNS Healthcare is an AI company developing Gemini — The in silico Patient™ models from clinico-genomic data across oncology, auto-immune diseases, and neurology. In silico patients allow for clinical trials across cohorts of diverse patients to be conducted computationally by simulating disease progression and drug response at the individual patient level. GNS’ REFS causal AI and simulation technology integrates and transforms a wide-variety of multi-omic and real-world data to reveal the complex system of interactions underlying disease progression — constructing in silico patients. GNS Healthcare partners with the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies and health plans and has validated its science and technology in more than 60 publications and abstracts. Visit

About Scipher Medicine®

Scipher Medicine, a precision immunology company, believes that patients deserve simple answers to treatment options based on scientifically backed data. Using our proprietary Network Medicine platform and artificial intelligence, we commercialize liquid-based tests revealing a persons’ unique molecular disease signature and match such signature to the most effective therapy, ensuring optimal treatment from day one. The patient molecular data generated from our tests further supports the discovery and development of novel and more effective therapeutics. We partner with leading payers, providers, and pharmaceutical companies to bring precision medicine to autoimmune diseases. Visit and follow Scipher on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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Karen Sharma


Scipher Medicine Media Contact:
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