Imtiaz Adam Joins Marktechpost As An Advisory Board Member

TUSTIN, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#artificialintelligence–Imtiaz Adam joins Marktechpost as an Advisory Board Member. Imtiaz Adam (MBA, MSc) is a leading AI influencer and hybrid Data Science and business strategy specialist. Imtiaz is the founder of an AI startup, Deep Learn Strategies Limited (DLS). Imtiaz has been a speaker at major events such as during the WEF at Davos where he spoke at a panel on AI.

He is a Sloan Fellow in Strategy from London Business School with an EMBA exchange at Columbia Business School. He also studied Computer Science with research in AI and Deep Neural Networks with Distinction from the University of London.

Imtiaz has served as a Director of Morgan Stanley, and prior to that obtained extensive experience of quantitative modelling of the energy sector with Data Science and analytics at National Grid Group plc, American Electric Power (AEP) and BHP Billiton as well as corporate strategy and business development roles including data driven enterprise marketing. He is committed to the intersection of ESG with AI and value creation.

Marktechpost, LLC. is a California-based Artificial Intelligence News Platform. Marktechpost’s key focus is spreading AI Awareness across the globe. Started in 2020, Marktechpost has focused on building a bridge for the general public to walk through and learn about different applications of artificial intelligence. has more than 200,000+ views per month and 36,000+ Facebook group members.


Asif Razzaq

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