Master The Art of eCommerce Website UX with these Best Practices

People try different techniques to promote their eCommerce websites. If you have an ecommerce site, you might try sharing their store on various social media platforms. You could even pay a hefty amount to advertisers and SEO experts. But what if there are more solutions sitting right under your nose?

To make a killer website, you should focus more on the user experience. Here are the best UX practices that every eCommerce development agency will recommend. 

Best UX Practices for an eCommerce Website

How an Excellent UX benefits Your eCommerce Website

Before going into detail, let’s understand why focusing on UX is important. There are several reasons, but mainly it saves a lot of money for you. For instance, an improved eCommerce UX could save you money in customer support. 

Similarly, you can also save funds that might have been spent on customer acquisition. When customers have a memorable experience on your website, they are more likely to shop again, thus benefiting your eCommerce store in the longer run. 

  1. Allowing Entry as Guests
    What throws many people off a website is the constant dialogue box appearances for sign-up. While it may have an advantage, every 1 in 4 customers quit the web due to force registration.

If you are making the same mistake, you need to read the $300 million button story. It shows how replacing the registration option with guest access can impact your website positively. 

Consider yourself as a customer for a minute. If you have never been to an eCommerce store, will you feel safe signing up there? Plus, how will you make up your mind to buy something when you can not see the products at all? In short, you are just making a user quit your store before even a proper visit. 

  1. Using Clear CTAs
    Many people do not understand the importance of having a prominent Call to Action (CTA). You might have visited many websites with vital options, such as ‘add to cart,’ written in small size without any highlight.

This confuses the customers, especially those who are accessing your eCommerce store for the first time. The best practice for CTAs is to highlight them with a label, so they are clickable. Also, make sure to use different colors for these buttons than the background. 

  1. Use Interactive and Engaging Options
    Using visually engaging features on your website can elevate its presence. However, make sure not to overdo it. You can have a clean banner for a Sale you have organized in your store. Not only will it look appealing, but it will increase the click rate.

According to several studies, almost 50% of online buyers expect discounted prices. Therefore, when they see options, such as “Special Deals” or “Mega Sale,” they are more likely to click. 

  1. Offer Top-Notch Customer Support
    Enabling a simple Live Chat option on your website can save your customers from many hassles. Many eCommerce stores ask their users to write an email or contact on a phone number. It leads to the user exiting the site.

Live Chat allows your customers to stay on the website while asking questions. If you look at the bigger picture, it is a win-win for both user and the eCommerce store. 

  1. Represent Your Products in High-Quality
    The only way an online buyer will click on a product is when it is represented rightly. By that, it means using high-quality pictures and videos. Let’s face it, most customers do not read the name of the item. 

They click on it because they like the visual representation. Therefore, you should always consider this as essential.

With some little adjustments here and there, you can make an impressive online store. Following these best practices for an eCommerce website will surely impact the traffic and selling rate. Combine that with a visually pleasing web design, and you will have the best store ever.

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