Moxie Royal Region Has Record Setting Year – Hiring New Talent to Join the Team!

PROVO, UT / ACCESSWIRE / November 2, 2021 / When it comes to pest control, Moxie has been an industry leader since its founding in 2001. From providing a premier service, to its training and core values, Moxie has always been a hotbed for success. Given its pedigree, it may come as no surprise that the Royal Region has dominated since coming onto the scene in 2020. Founded by Jordan Johnson, and led together by him and his leadership team, the Royal Region continues to produce top performing sales reps and leads the way in a growing industry.

The Moxie Royal Regions success speaks for itself. The region generated upwards of 3.5 million dollars in revenue through general pest control sales during the summer of 2021. Over the course of the summer, the average experienced representative earned over $125,000 while first year reps brought in around $35,000. Out of the 29 reps that comprised the region in 2021, 21 of them were first year reps ranging in age from 17 to 32. “We push each other.” Team leader Christopher Mander-Jones said, “The numbers speak for themselves.”

When asked why he does what he does, founder Jordan Johnson notes the satisfaction in seeing his team and friends change for the better as the summer progresses. “We are not out there to be victims of circumstance.” Johnson says, “We are out there to take souls.” This is a reference to former Navy SEAL David Goggins.

Goggins uses the concept of taking souls, meaning to use your passion and perceived doubt from your critics to fuel yourself when things get hard. Likewise, Johnson and the Royal Region leadership have instilled this concept to motivate the region not only to survive, but to thrive as they work through the summer months. Team Manager Marshall Hunt says “It’s a gateway into a fruitful career and lifestyle built on solid principles. In the Royal Region, you surround yourself with people who you aspire to become, and they become close mentors and friends.” This mantra continues to prove successful as the Royal Region defies the standard summer sales experience.

One shining example of this is Team Leader, Brent Larsgard. Larsgard’s start in summer sales was anything but typical. In an industry long thought to be dominated by young college students, Larsgard didn’t start knocking doors until 2019 when he was nearly 30 years old. Married with a family, Larsgard took the leap of faith, leaving behind a promising corporate career at Goldman Sachs. Lasgard hasn’t looked back. In his best year, Larsgard generated over $402,000 in personal revenue. Lasgard was named rookie of the year in 2019, and he has since finished every season as one of the top 5 reps in the company. Beyond his success on the doors, Lasgard also learned how to build a quality team. Lasgard recruited Landan Gollaher after his first summer to join the region. Gollaher has been a force to be reckoned with in his own right from bringing on other top talent to generating over $350,000 in personal revenue his best season.

Another example of the region’s success came during the summer of 2021, rookie sales rep Christopher Hall generated over $128,000 in personal revenue. In doing so, Hall finished the summer not only as one of the top rookies within the Royal Region, but as the 7th best rookie company wide.

While Larsgard, Gollaher, and Hall’s success are nothing short of amazing, under Johnson’s leadership these results are hardly unusual. The Moxie Royal Region is far from being the first team that Johnson has elevated to new heights. Before founding the Royal Region in 2020, Johnson recruited and trained both Matt B. and Dayne S. not only teaching them how to sell but how to build and develop their own successful teams during the off season. Since working with Johnson, Matt and Dayne now run offices for Moxie in St. Louis and Minneapolis respectively.

With the financial benefits alone making this a compelling career opportunity, the educational and social benefit for students is unmatched. Not only can a summer spent with the Royal Region be customized to meet internship requirements and in some cases even count towards college credit, but working for the Royal Region can be fun too. Team leader Shea Hildebrandt said of his experience “Going to work doesn’t even feel like work! It feels like hanging out with friends while making a difference.” As well, the Royal Region is adamant that every rep on every team only knocks in safe areas in whatever city they may be in.

There is no mystery surrounding the Royal Region’s notable achievements. As McKay Ordyna put it, “No business is successful if integrity isn’t present.” Integrity, a consistent work ethic, and a “can do” attitude, have been paramount in replicating their success year after year. They are always searching for new talent to join their team. The Royal Region seeks out individuals unafraid of hard work and centered on good principles who desire to develop valuable life and sales skill


Jordan Johnson, founder of the Moxie Royal Region, leads a team of more than 20 men and women. Johnson began selling for Moxie pest control in 2013. As a rookie rep, Johnson sold 300 accounts sowing the seeds for what would become the Royal Region. Johnson has proven time and time again that he has what it takes to succeed in this industry. In his best year Johnson sold over 500 accounts and has generated over $300,000 in revenue from personal sales. Prestigious as his personal accolades may be, what Johnson takes the most pride in are the people that he has been able to help replicate his success. Johnson believes the job helps people improve their lives and grow into better people through integrity and hard work. If you’re interested in learning more or working with Jordan and the Royal Region, be sure to visit their website.

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Phone: (801) 874-5611

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