Phemex at the World Blockchain Summit

DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / November 2, 2021 / The co-founder of Phemex, Jack Tao, spoke at the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai, UAE on October 13-14.

This event featured:

  • More than 1,500 experts in the world of blockchain
  • Participants were able to find experts and partners for further development
  • Participants were able to establish cooperation with the largest platforms

Jack Tao spoke about the inequality in the banking system and the untapped potential of crypto trading. In 2019, the company Phemex was founded and has since overcome all hurdles. The main goal of the platform is security, speed, convenience, low fees, and giving users access to a variety of crypto pairs.

Potential of the Metaverse

Jack talked about the potential of the Metaverse, which is believed to soar in the near future: “The metaverse represents a new way for us to interact with the digital world, even more exciting and disruptive than our current Internet.”

Jack focused on how important it is to follow rapidly developing trends in the world of cryptocurrencies.

He noted: “Everyone here knows that the cryptocurrency industry is changing at lightning speed. If you miss one important trend, you can go to bed on top of the world and wake up with empty pockets. One of the most important trends in which Phemex sees great potential and which it intends not to miss is the trend of the Metaverse.”

Jack sees great potential in the Metaverse, and therefore the company actively supports innovations in the sphere. Jack also mentioned NFTs in his talk: “Skeptics claim that the NFT craze is irrational because millions are spent on assets that cannot be touched or used in the physical world. I believe these criticisms are missing the mark. For better or worse, the time we spend in front of screens will continue to increase. NFTs give us the opportunity to express our identity in the digital space, which cannot be imitated because it is fixed in the blockchain. Just as each of us is unique in the physical world, NFTs allow us to be unique in the digital realm.”

Now Phemex actively supports NFTs.

Phemex believes in NFT

In March 2021, Phemex held a large event which drew more than 1,000 of the platform’s users. As an event focused on NFTs, it produced a community-made NFT that was a composite mural with QR codes of all participants. After registering and selling the NFT, the company shared the profits with all participants of the event.

Phemex pays attention to new coin listings on its platform. Among them are:

  • AXS. The main governance token for Axie Infinity.
  • MANA The native token of Decentraland.

The company also believes in the GameFi model and tries to support and develop it. The team has extensively researched this segment and believes in its future prospects.


Nicolas Tang
Head of Internal Communications

SOURCE: Phemex

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